Post Comment Love 12th - 14th February 2016

Hi! Welcome to another Post Comment Love, I'm so pleased that so many of you keep returning to link up week after week.

It's been a bit of a weird week this week I've managed to get lots of work done and have posts scheduled which has thrown me big time. Each day I start working I've felt like it's a different day, for example on Wednesday I spent the entire day thinking it was Friday.

That's not been a terrible thing to be honest because it's half term next week and I'm managing to get more done. Definitely a positive.

I expect that over half term I'll be spending some time at the local play centre so that I can work while the boys play. It's one of the ways I get any work done during the holidays!

Newbie Showcase - Sacha from Visualize Authenticity

Sacha from Visualize Authenticity

I'm Sacha a creative queen, lifestyle blogger, Mom, list planner, book lover, craft addict, Influencer, and I love to have fun. Through my blog I help creative women recognize their self worth, through games, visual art, mixed with a vibrant blend of psychology and motivation.

My work encourages creative women to show off to the world their authentic self. I have been featured on Happiness and Food, The Chronicles of Chaos , Soulpaintco and Confessions of a Ninja Mom. 

One of posts that I am really proud of is called The misconception about work from home

My favorite post is my first post (Perception and Authenticity) I speak about Why do we live in a world that is fixated on the word perfection? 

You can know more about me on my about me page -

Thanks Sacha, I think it's so lovely that you are helping creative women recognise their worth. Thank you for being part of Newbie Showcase.

You can also find Sacha on:


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