5 Reasons You Should Buy Joe Delucci's Gelato

In our house we love the sweet stuff, it doesn't matter what it is (most of the time)  as long as it is completely filled with sugar. We have chocolate in the fridge, ice-cream in the freezer, and biscuits in the cupboard. So when I was asked to review Joe Delucci's Gelato it was a no-brainer.

Joe-delucci's-ice-cream "5 reasons you should buy..."

Whenever I do our weekly shopping I always wonder about buying some ice-cream, the problem is I'm spoilt for choice and can't decide which to buy, so I end up buying none. Now, with the addition of Joe Delucci's Gelato to the shelves in Tesco there are even more choices.

My boys have recently got a taste for ice-cream and request (every time we go to Tesco) that we buy some. They've tried Carte D'or Cinnamon Biscuit (a favourite), BP tried raspberry and chocolate ice-cream, and LP chose Neapolitan this week.

With so much choice it's hard to decide which ice-cream to buy and so here's 5 reasons you should buy Joe Delucci's Gelato.

  1.  With a choice of Hazlenut and Chocolate, Coconut, or Creme Caramel, there's something everyone will like.
  2.  Soft, easy-to-scoop ice-cream.
  3.  So, so tasty, so much so that even while writing this post I'd like to go and raid the freezer.
  4.  You can keep it all to yourself - it comes in small tubs so you don't even have to feel guilty about it.
  5.  It's easy to get your hands on some - available for £3.99 from Tesco

Ice-cream can often be tough to scoop but this ice-cream is soft, the spoon slid into the tub and I found it easy to serve.

I got to try the Hazelnut and Chocolate flavour and the hazelnut took a moment to register on my tastebuds but when it did my mouth watered. It was yummy. The chocolate flavour was rich and creamy, and together they were so nice that before I knew it my bowl was empty. I may have to go buy some more!

Do you think I could hide it and eat it all myself?

I was sent a tub of the Hazelnut and Chocolate flavour Gelato to try in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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