Finding Joy When The Bus is Late

Yesterday, as usual, I sent BP out of the house at 7:50am so that he could catch the bus to school. He text me at 8:25am to say that the bus hadn't turned up and I told him it was probably late and he should keep waiting.

Red Bus, "finding the joy when the bus is late..."

When I drove LP to school at 8:30am BP was still waiting at the bus stop so I told him I would take him to school if he was still waiting when I drove past on my way home.

While I walked with LP I phoned BP's school to let them know the bus was running late and that I would take him to school if necessary. The school was understanding and told me that he didn't need to worry and they were aware of a problem. 

BP is a worrier, the bus not turning up, or even being late, will cause him to worry his socks off, sometimes it can bring him to tears. I text him while I was still at school with LP to let him know I'd phoned the school and he shouldn't worry, but I knew he would.

Once LP was in school I drove down the road again to see BP still waiting for the bus. My immediate reaction was one of annoyance, I couldn't believe the bus service would just not run. 

Before I could let the annoyance and anger take hold of me I stopped. I realised that this was an opportunity, one that I don't normally get. 

I got to drive my eldest to school and chat on the way.

On a normal day I would let something like this get to me. I'd get annoyed at the bus company for not making information available, I'd get annoyed that I had to drive longer to take BP to school, and I'd be annoyed that that would mean I had less time for blogging, housework, and all the other things I do during the school day.

Yesterday though, I decided not to, I saw the positives instead. I looked for the joy.

Having a tween in the house isn't much fun, most mornings there's an argument about something. Usually it's about turning the TV off or me asking him to brush his teeth. BP will leave the house in a mood, or crying sometimes, and the Hubby and I end up feeling guilty all day. That happened yesterday morning too, BP left the house in a mood and the Hubby and I felt bad that he was leaving the house unhappy.

Then I got to take him to school, I got to talk to him (not nag him) and he went into school happy. He may have been a little late but he was happy, and that was more important. I shared the joy with my son.

Rather than getting annoyed about something I had no control over I decided to find the joy. I was so glad I did because both BP and I started the day much happier than we would have.

When was the last time you decided to find the joy?

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