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As the week has gone on my head has felt more and more full. The housework is piling up, I want to blog more, and the kids need my attention.

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As a result my head is so full of things to do and ideas of things to write that I feel bogged down by it all. I sat at the computer on Thursday afternoon struggling to write anything. I've been so concerned with making sure I write every day that I've let other things pile up and now they're getting on top of me so that I can't concentrate on writing.

This weekend I plan on taking some time to get the house sorted and try to be more organised with everything. Admittedly that's not always possible but I can try can't I?

Do you have any tips for me? I'd love to hear them.


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Newbie Showcase - Poppy from A Sunny Island

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Poppy is mum to Arlo and writes about their life as a family as well as a few interiors posts. Head over to Stephanie's blog to read more about Poppy.

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  1. Thank you for hosting, I hope the house organisation goes well this week. I find working in short bursts of activity works well. I'll set a timer for 30 mins and see how much I can get done in that time. Good luck x

    1. It didn't go as well as I'd hoped - I was feeling too lazy! ;)

  2. Good luck with organising the house this weekend - it's hard when your head is full of stuff. I find writing it down and having a list really helps me and Izzie's tip for short bursts of activity is a great one too. Thanks for hosting #PoCoLo :-)

    1. Thanks. xx A list, yes, I really ought to have one of those!

  3. Hi Morgan, it's not nice when you don't know which way to turn. Hopefully after you get the house sorted you'll be able to focus more on your family and your blog. I wish I had advice to give, but I'm the one you'll find hiding under the bed when it all gets a bit much, hoping that things will rectify themselves... On the upside, things usually work out just fine in the end.


    1. AHA! Under the bed... good idea. ;)
      *runs off to hide under the bed*

  4. Ugh, I know that feeling all too well! I'm a list person, so I like to make a huge list of everything I need to do, then do all the easy bits so it looks like I've really made a start. I find even just getting stuff like that out the way makes me feel a lot calmer. x

    1. Lists, yes, good idea. I've done a little organising today but there's still so much to do!


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