What Pet Should I Get? By Dr. Seuss Book Review

Dr. Seuss and I weren't properly introduced until LP was born and I began reading bedtime stories to him. I knew straight away that both LP and I were big Dr. Seuss fans and when I learned that What Pet Should I Get? was to be released I couldn't wait to read it.

From Cat in the Hat to Oh The Places You'll Go we've read as many Dr. Seuss books as we could get our hands on and so when I was asked to review this new book I almost squealed!

If you haven't heard of What Pet Should I Get? there's a good reason, because it lay undiscovered for more than twenty years after Dr. Seuss' death. Although the text and illustrations were originally completed in 1950s they stayed in a box until his wife, Audrey Geisel, and long-time friend, Claudia Prescott, discovered them when cleaning out his office in 2013. 

Amazing huh?

What Pet Should I Get? follows a brother and sister who have to make a decision - which pet to get. It was a lovely read and shows how difficult it is for a child to make such a big decision. I loved the to-and-fro of the rhyming and in classic Dr. Seuss style the illustrations were brilliant.

After reading the book LP and I ending up discussing which pet they chose, it got LP's imagination going and he talked about which pet he would want to get. It was a great addition to our growing collection of Dr. Seuss books.

Not only do you get the story but at the back of this book (available for £13.36) there are notes from the publisher that talk about Dr. Suess' life, his pets, and his success as a children's writer. You get to learn a little about his process and the colours he used in his illustrations. 

I absolutely adore What Pet Should I Get? it gets a big 5/5 from us.

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