My New Bed Wishlist

Our house feels like it's falling down around us...

Okay, that may be a little extreme but as I walk around my house I realise how much decorating needs doing as well as odd jobs. The thought of decorating the whole house makes me want to hide under the duvet!

Come to think of it we could do with new duvets too... and beds. Yes, new beds.

My New Bed Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: Ideas for new beds for all of us, some have a TV appearing as if from no where!

It's always nice to look at new things isn't it?

The whole decorating thing got me looking at various websites for new beds. It would be lovely to get new furniture again (I love buying new things, who doesn't right?) and if we were going to here's a few of my favourite styles.

BP is older now, has a large bedroom with plenty of space. At the moment he has an old double bed but while I was looking I saw these beauties.

My New Bed Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: A bed with hidden storage - neat!

This cabin-type bed would be perfect for BP with its shelves and extra storage. It's a double bed and all this storage underneath would be great for his nic-nacs. Although saying that the thought of BP trying to lift the mattress sends shivers down my spine.

My New Bed Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: A TV pops up as if from nowhere - magic!

This is the kind of bed BP dreams of, he has never had a TV in his room and we don't intend to let him anytime soon. If I was less strict, we had plenty of money, and didn't mind spoiling our tween, then this bed would be perfect!

My New Bed Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: A tasteful, and useful, bed for a tween.

In more practical terms, and getting rid of that magic TV, this bed really would be perfect. Shelves to hold books, a clock and his phone would keep him from filling his bedside tables. The handy drawers beneath the bed could be used for either clothes or bedding, something he's sadly lacking at the moment. The double mattress is great too, he's so used to his double bed he couldn't switch back now.

Moving on to LP's bedroom I got a few ideas for his new bed...

My New Bed Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: A cabin bed with ladders, bookshelves and drawers, what's not to like?

I need to start thinking about LP as a growing boy, he's certainly not a baby anymore. This bed would be great for him, it still has ladders but has lots of extra storage. The desk would make him feel more grown up and there's plenty of space for all his books.

My New Bed Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: Loft bed with desk, bookshelves and a seat too. The perfect bed for our six year old.

This loft bed has all the benefits of a high bed as well as extra storage with lots of shelves for books. LP is a big reader so bookshelves are important. Not to mention the comfy looking seat underneath the bed would be great for those times when LP still insists I read him a bedtime story.

My New Bed Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: Cabin bed, no ladders, but a little storage.

This small cabin bed is much simpler than the others I chose but is just as useful. I'd use, or should I say I'd get LP to use, those deep shelves for his shoes. The bed is slightly higher than a regular bed so LP ought to be happy with it, although probably not as happy as he would with a loft bed.

Now for us and I was after a bit more luxury...

My New Bed Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: Stylish, useful, and tasteful bed for adults.

Our bedroom is lacking in storage too (when I think about it the whole house is but that's another post) so those large drawers could prove rather useful. I love the elegance of the frame, it looks both stylish and sturdy.

My New Bed Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: Leather frame bed? How's that to clean then?

This leather bed frame with one huge drawer caught my eye because I thought it would be easy to clean. Dust is a constant battle in bedrooms and a quick wipe with a cloth would have your bed sorted. I love the idea of having a leather bed frame too.

My New Bed Wishlist | Morgan's Milieu: An appearing TV, speakers built in - an awesome bed for adults. Maybe I should convince the Hubby we need a new bed.

Now I know I said BP couldn't have a TV in his bedroom but I'm the adult right? I can do what I like... Okay so it may be hypocritical but still, that appearing TV looks pretty cool doesn't it? With this bed there's those huge speakers too. I can just imagine lying in bed watching our favourite movie, a glass of bourbon on the bedside table. Now there's a perfect evening if I ever described one.

No bed would be complete without the perfect mattress and I'd get my mattress online. It's more convenient to do it that way, there's (usually) no complications when it comes to getting the thing delivered.

Now if you don't mind I'm off to spend the day on Pinterest getting more fabulous ideas for our new bedrooms.

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