How Well Do Your Kids Know You?

A few months ago I saw an amusing post on Kim's blog Northumberland Mam which had a list of questions she'd asked her daughters. Their answers made me laugh a few times!

I've had those questions written down and had meant to ask the boys, it's only been recently that I had the time to do it!

Better late than never right?

Big Prince (aged 11)
Little Prince (aged 6)

What is something mum always says to you?

BP: Be quiet.
LP: Stop fighting.

What makes mum happy?

BP: Peace and quiet.
LP: Nice cake.

What makes mum sad?

BP: If everything you liked was gone.
LP: If Netflix got rid of something you like.

How does mum make you laugh?

BP: Pulling silly faces.
LP: I don't know.

What was mum like as a child?

BP: How am I supposed to know?!
LP: Fun, maybe?

How old is mum?

BP: 34
LP: 40... I mean 34!

How tall is mum?

BP: Short
LP: I don't know.

What is mum's favourite thing to do?

BP: sit down, watch a film and drink alcohol... or your job.
LP: Playing lego games.

What does mum do when you're not around?

BP: Work.
LP: Work, and make lunch.

If mum becomes famous what will it be for?

BP: Being a good blogger.
LP: Singing and writing.

What is mum really good at?

BP: Writing.
LP: Reading.

What is mum not very good at?

BP: Maths.
LP: Listening to a film.

What does mum do for a job?

BP: Writing.
LP: Making lunch and dinner and breakfast for us.

What is mum's favourite food?

BP: Salad.
LP: A disney burger.

What makes you proud of mum?

BP: earning money so we can go on holiday.
LP: working so we can get money.

If mum was a character who would she be?

BP: Cinderella, or Belle.
LP: Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

What do you and mum do together?

BP: Eat.
LP: Well... we went to an event together.

How are you and mum the same?

BP: We can get angry easily.
LP: We both wear trousers and stuff like that.

How are you and mum different?

BP: We're specialised in different things.
LP: We have different hair.

What does mum like most about dad?

BP: That he's mischievous.
LP: That he's happy.

How do you know mum loves you?

BP: Because you're always there for us.
LP: Because you kiss us goodnight.

Where is mum's favourite place to go?

BP: Florida or home.
LP: The Animal Kingdom Lodge.

How old was mum when you were born?

BP: 23
LP: 29

The boys really enjoyed answering these questions and a couple of their answers made me laugh. What do you think your kids would say?

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