Boys are Aliens!

I've always thought there was something not quite right about boys, something off.

It dawned on me this morning that boys are aliens.

They may not be little green men but they're aliens all right. 

Boys are Aliens! | Morgan's Milieu: Are boys aliens? I think so, but what do you think?

I went through a whole thought process this morning but what started me off was a news report on BBC News about women being paid lower bonuses than men. As usual we were told that women either weren't 'asking' for as much money or weren't willing to take on the responsible jobs to earn the money. 

Once again I was left wondering why women always seem to be painted as the timid, shy type?

They don't want to work in the financial industry.
They don't want to ask for more money.

We're just too nice and quiet, apparently.

Well no, we're not. 

We do want the money AND the responsibility but we're usually taking care of an entire family as well as trying to earn money and have responsibility.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it got me onto the subject of men and women being different. The classic line "Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars" popped into my head and that lead me to...

Boys are Aliens!

We are so vastly different that they must be right?

For a start they're bigger than us (us being all girls/women).

Surely this is some genetic modification in order to make us feel inferior? 

I am 5ft 5 inches tall, the Hubby is 6ft and BP is about an inch shorter than me. Even my 6 year old son, LP, is teasing me about almost being as tall as me (he's not, but he likes to joke).

They're stronger than us.

I cannot lift my youngest son off the ground anymore, he's far too big and heavy. The last time I tried to carry him I ended up with a bad back for a week. The Hubby on the other hand finds it easy to lift LP and often flings him upside down, over his shoulder, just for the fun of it. 

BP is getting big enough to lift LP, and that's just rubbing it in my face!

They eat more than we do.

Boys are Aliens! | Morgan's Milieu: Eating more than a whole crab to himself, which is more than I can eat, is just one of the reasons I think boys are aliens.
BP at all this to himself!

Okay, maybe not all the time but BP will often have the same amount of food as me. LP isn't far behind either, if it's a meal he's enjoying. Then ten minutes later they'll both claim they're hungry. Where does all the food go?!

They have a strange sense of humour

No human being would find a fart so hilariously funny that they almost pee themselves would they? Filling a room with such an awful stench that everyone gags and has to leave the room. What's so funny? 

I mean, really, toilet humour - I just don't get it.

They have a natural knack for technology.

Whether it's a new iPad, new phone, or new computer, all the boys/men in my house know how it will work. It's easy for them to understand the technology and use it to their advantage. For me it's much harder and I have to search the web (don't get me started on the web) for information on how to set my alarm clock or use the waffle-maker.

Then there's the super-powers...

How they're "magically" able to make everything ok... with a smile.

How do they do that?!

A simple glance, flashing of the teeth, and sparkle of the eyes and I'm putty! 

Their hugs

Nothing can make the rest of the world disappear like a hug from the Hubby. He wraps his big arms around me and everything else is gone, it's just me and him. 

Is it some sort of drug I breathe in? Does it transport us off the earth? I don't know what happens but it's pretty darned amazing!

Boys are Aliens! | Morgan's Milieu: The shadows of the boys will give away their alien inside eventually!
I don't see any antenna, but I'm sure they're there!

Look around and you'll see these aliens everywhere, in your house, at your work, at the doctors' surgery. I'm fairly sure there's no way we can escape from their drug-hugs, or their intoxicating smiles.

Instead of letting them think we're the timid, shy, humans they think we are let's pinch some of the "magic" powers and turn things around.

Walk into work tomorrow and ask for a raise.
When the boys get home tell them to do some housework.

And when the farts begin - laugh!

That'll scare 'em. 

Do you agree that boys are aliens or is there some other explanation that I haven't thought of?

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