Positive Changes

Today is a good day.

My trusty trainers
At 6am this morning I got up, donned my running gear and headed into the garage (where we keep the treadmill). My iPod wasn't working but that didn't stop me. I ran 1.5 miles, was completely exhausted, and loved it.

By the time 7am rolled around I'd finished my run and had a shower. All before the boys got out of bed.

I planned this new routine yesterday. I decided that I would do my run early, allowing me to get straight on with other stuff once I'd dropped the boys off at school.

If I'm being honest I thought I would wake this morning and not bother with the run but I forced myself to get out of bed.

I'm so glad I did.

After the boys had eaten breakfast I even had time to play a game of pool with LP, which he won, of course. He's getting so good at that game I can't beat him anymore.

Or maybe I just need to tell myself that I can beat him. Repeat it again and again.

Because that's what I've found over these last two weeks. The more I tell myself I can do something the more I achieve. It's amazing.

I told myself I could get up this morning and go for my run, and I did.

I told myself I would get more blogging done, and I have.

There are still times when things don't go my way but I feel like I'm making positive changes. Changes that are going to alter the way I treat myself.

All this time I thought that by punishing myself I could trick me into trying harder. But when does that ever work? It's only been since speaking to myself the way I would my best friend that things have changed.

I give myself a pat on the back for the small victories, like finishing a pile of ironing or filling up the dishwasher. It may not sound like much but all those small victories pile up and make me feel like I've achieved something in my day.

And that's the key.

Treat yourself better and things start to pick up. Give yourself treats, pats on the back, whatever it takes to make YOU feel good.

Start with something small, like congratulating yourself for tidying up after the kids. Tell yourself your hair looks good today. Anything that gives you a boost.

Don't just say it, believe it.

And you too will start to see positive changes.

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