Time with the Family

Last weekend I decided to take Saturday for the family. My head has been filled with ideas for blogging and along with trying to stay organised my time for the boys has been disappearing. 

So, on Saturday I spent the majority of the day with the boys. LP and I played pool, BP and I talked, and there was Lego everywhere.

A few years ago we bought LP a K'nex set for Christmas. It was very large and we never expected him to build it himself but it was MarioKart and at the time he loved MarioKart. On Christmas day we built the thing and it stayed built for all of two days. LP was just too young to enjoy playing with it and didn't appreciate the work that had gone into building it.

We put the kit away, ready for when he was a little older.

How many pieces?

After building some lego trucks the Hubby suggested we get out the MarioKart K'nex kit, and I did. Little Prince, Big Prince and I spent the afternoon building the track together. They each had their own jobs; LP had to find the pieces, BP had to put the pieces together and I was supervising as they put the parts onto the track. It all worked a lot better than I thought it would.

LP even wanted to build some himself

It took a couple of hours to build because I didn't want to help LP find the pieces, he had to feel like he'd achieved something. 

The track, half-built

The track, fully built but without obstacles

By the time it was built and the boys could play it was dinner time and I took some time out to cook. While I was in the kitchen the boys played together with the MarioKart track.

The little karts (with Mario and Luigi driving) are battery powered and once the batteries had been replaced the boys had lots of fun together with the karts on the track.

On the track you build all the obstacles to stop Mario and Luigi from completing a lap. There's the Thwomps, rotating balls of lava and fireballs that spin. The boys really enjoyed using the rotating lava balls and thwomps to stop the karts from going around the track. 

LP getting excited as Mario escaped the spinning fireballs!

It was lovely to step away from the computer for a day, spend some time with my boys, and watch and listen as they played nicely together. It doesn't often happen and I loved hearing their giggles as they crashed the thwomp down onto Mario again and again.

Sometimes it's just nice to spend time with those you love.

How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. I've always wanted to have a go at Knex myself - never got round to buying any for the kids though.
    You're so right about how fulfilling it is to slow the pace sometimes, and just hang out with family :)

    1. I was discussing it with the Hubby recently and we both agree that you don't get this time back. We all need to make the most of it because before we know it the boys will be moaning about spending time with us.

      You should totally buy some Knex, it's a great way to spend time together. :)

  2. Hi Morgan, time with the family is important and I am so glad I made the time when they were little as now they are their priorities change, although we do still spend quality together, just not so much and it's different now.

    Recently our main computer was being repaired and even my 15 year old daughter said it was nice not having the computer sat in the corner of the room tempting us to waste time.

    1. Oh yes Debbie, those darned screens suck our time don't they?

      I've started limiting the time the boys spend on the iPads because they're getting addicted. They haven't thanked me for it yet...

      But they will. One day. ;)

    2. Hi Morgan, I'm sure they will one day, may not be for a few years though!

  3. Anonymous20:25

    Awww sounds like a relaxing day! We love building here too! We get lost in time everytime we do it and we love every minute of it! #pocolo

    1. Oh that's lovely! We've often forgotten about time while we're busy building, it can be so consuming! :)

  4. It is so important to spend time with the family, though blogging can really take over sometimes! It looks like you've all had a wonderful time together :)

    1. Thanks Joanna, we really did.

      Blogging can take over, it's an all consuming thing at times. But as with everything it's all about balance. :)


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