GB British Teddies from The Great British Teddy Bear Company

Meet Sherlock Holmes, a GB British Teddy from The Great British Teddy Bear Company, and my new cuddly friend (and source of inspiration).

Morgan's Milieu | GB British Teddies: A teddy dressed as Sherlock Holmes by The Great British Teddy Bear Company.

As a girl I loved my teddies and vowed to keep them forever. Unfortunately circumstances meant I lost all my teddies, even ones I'd kept since I was a baby. I miss those guys.

Perhaps that's why whenever I see cute teddy bears my heart melts.

I love all kinds of teddies, ones that say "I love you", teddies from movies (I have a mogwai from Gremlins), but my favourite are the 'proper' teddy bears dressed in clothes. Nurses, doctors, teachers, all of them turn me into a gooey mess.

Bears sleep by day. At night they stay awake to chase away bad dreams.

Jesse O'Neil

As you can imagine when I came across GB British Teddies my eyes lit up like a kid in a sweet shop. A smile spread across my face as I looked through The Great British Teddy Bear Company's selection of dressed teddies. When I spotted Sherlock I fell in love, who better to sit on my desk as I write than the world famous Sherlock Holmes. 

Teddy bear dressed as Shakespeare

GB British Teddies were born thanks to Grandma Jessup who used to make clothes for teddies from charity shops. The story behind the brand is heartwarming and today you can see GB British Teddies dressed in "beautifully detailed iconic British costumes just like Grandma Jessup used to make." sitting next to Harrods bears.

Since launching in Hamley's London the affordable range of plush teddies dressed in detailed British costumes is being bought worldwide. These teddies are not meant for show, they're made to be played with and that means they're huggable, washable and safe.

You really don't have to be young to find a friend in a teddy bear.

Rachel Newman

GB British Teddies have become such a popular brand that celebrities like Ewan McGregor and Shane Ritchie are fans. Even royalty love these bears, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has one!

Every time I look at the website I smile at the cute bears and the costumes are adorable. They have police teddy bears, historical bears like Sherlock and Shakespeare and even Royal bears.

Teddy bear dressed as Catherine the Bride.

With the exception of Grace - The Bridesmaid (priced at £16.95) you can buy any bear for £29.95, an affordable price for an adorable teddy that could last for years, being passed down through generations to come. 

Morgan's Milieu | GB British Teddies: Teddy bear with Sherlock Holmes style clothes removed.

Each teddy bear comes with costumes and accessories that can be removed if you choose to do so.

I like the idea that this family business began because Grandma Jessup wanted to make her children happy. They were born out of love.


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