Own Cinderella's Glass Slippers!

When I was a little girl and first watched the Disney movie Cinderella I dreamed of wearing that beautiful blue gown. I fantasised about owning my very own glass slippers and meeting my handsome Prince.

Morgan's Milieu | Cinderella's Glass Slippers for me? Yes please!

I did meet my Prince, I don't think I've ever worn a blue gown and as for the glass slipper, well that was just a pipe dream.

Or was it?

How to Entertain School-Aged Boys

With two boys, 5 years between them, it is hard to keep them entertained but when those boys are opposite personalities, it becomes almost impossible.

Let me explain...

Yes, BP is outside but we're on holiday.
This is Big Prince (the one in the green hat, not the one holding the donut), he's 10 years old and likes to watch TV, play games and draw. He's the type who enjoys being indoors. He's not very sociable and likes his quiet time.

The Disney Tag

If you didn't already know (OMG where HAVE you been?!) I love Disney. The movies, the characters, and the theme parks. So when I came across this fabulous Disney Tag over at Northumberland Mam I had to take part.

Morgan's Milieu | The Disney Tag: Cinderella, Slinky & Mike Wezowski - now there's a combination!

What is your favourite Disney movie?

Mine is Cinderella, it's a classic, but more than that it made me believe in magic. I recently took the boys to the cinema to see Big Hero 6 and that is their current favourite.

A Writing Exercise - Brainstorming

That's it, half-term is over and the boys are back at school. Although I wasn't looking forward to the break it turned out to be rather entertaining. I am glad to be back to normal routines now though and I'm having a great week so far.

Writing Bubble

Although no actual writing got done I came up with a writing exercise that will prove useful. Last week while Skylanders stormed the sofa and Lego scattered the carpet I managed a brainstorming session. With my notepad in hand I thought about everything you would include in a scene. I started with one word; beach.

Health and Weight Loss Tips 8

After putting on weight it is hard to keep going. When things aren't going your way willpower fades. But believing in yourself makes a big difference to the progress you make.

Morgan's Milieu | Health and Weight Loss Tips 8: Health and weight loss tips badge

11st 0.5 lbs

21, 467 steps

My weight has crept up again because it's been half-term; my walks with friends are suspended and we celebrated the Hubby's birthday yesterday with a curry! Those darned Lamb Rogan Josh's are simply too nice to pass up.

What I Read 8

It's almost the end of half-term, the boys are back at school on Tuesday and regular programming can resume. Or something to that effect. 

Welcome to another instalment of What I Read, I've got some great posts in store for you today.

What I Read 8 | Morgan's Milieu:  #WhatIRead Badge

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 8: Brighton Mama shares a quote from Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

It was Valentine's Day last weekend and I came across a brilliant quote posted by Brighton Mama. The quote is from Captain Corelli's Mandolin which Brighton Mama says is one of her favourite books. Hop over to Our Seaside Baby to read.


After taking Monday off last week to teach a friend about blogging and then getting ill on Tuesday evening my word count is a big fat 0. The likelihood of getting any done this week is low too because it's half-term.

Muddled Manuscript

Health and Weight Loss Tips 7

After a week of illness I'm back to normal and, not surprisingly, I've gained weight.
Morgan's Milieu | Health and Weight Loss Tips 7: Health and weight loss tips badge

10st 13.8 lbs

17, 179 steps

What I Read 7

Oof! What a week. I've barely written anything but on the plus side I've read lots. Not wanting to move from the sofa meant I had the chance to read some great posts this week. 

What I Read 7 | Morgan's Milieu:  #WhatIRead Badge

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7 - Kriss MacDonald, wildabouthere.com

Google Plus has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I share and interact but because I haven't used it much I don't know a lot about etiquette. Cue Kriss MacDonald with her Google+ Tips: Do's and Don'ts. I found it very useful and will be putting her tips to use.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7: @rantybeast aka Chrissie

Over at #WhatImWriting this week were some great posts but the hosts' posts topped it for me. Chrissie's post, Just Write, is a glimpse into the world of a writer (who is also a mum) and totally sums up the process.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7: Maddy of writingbubble

Maddy entertained us with a quiz to find out what sort of writer you are. Your answers reveal which genre you are better suited to. This post made me giggle and I can't wait for the results of the next study from The Institute of Silly Suggestions.

#AllAboutYou had some fab posts linked up this week but I loved Katy's post, Inspiration. She talks about splitting off her different 'selves'. It was an interesting way to look at things and I really enjoyed reading this short post.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7: Zaz writing about her inspiring women.
Check out Zaz's new hair! 

Zaz did it again and showed us all why she is such a strong, lovely woman. In her post, Inspiring Women, she tells us about the women that have influenced her. Both her grandmothers sound like wonderful women and I can understand why Zaz chose to write about them. A lovely post about the power and strength of women. 

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7: @mummyconstant with mother's guilt

A brilliant post I found at #PoCoLo hosted by Victoria Welton was A Mother's Guilt written by Sonia aka mummy constant. She talks about her guilt about missing her children's younger years while she works full-time. A mum's guilt is never-ending but we all need to learn to let it go.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7: Stressy Mummy and parenting

Lastly Stressy Mummy's post I found on Facebook had me nodding along. She'd been talking to a friend who is expecting her first child and Nikki decided to write the post to prepare her. Expect the Unexpected describes parenting brilliantly and I loved her last point.

It's been great reading and sharing all these lovely posts this week and I'll be back next week for another installment of What I Read.

Until then, have a great week folks!

The Bug Bit Back

Boy do I feel rough! After a week and a half of positivity and me thinking I'd beat the bug it finally hit me last night. Just before dinner.

Everyone in the house had been ill but me, we'd had a clear few days and I thought I'd escaped. I admit I was surprised because I always get ill after the boys. The bug bit Little Prince first and early last week he got out of bed and ran to the bathroom. After some TLC from mummy he was all better by lunch time but then it was Big Prince's turn. Luckily his bug hit him at the weekend so no time off school. It was a short illness, lasting only a few hours for LP and 1 day for BP. Then the Hubby was ill, it bit in the evening after dinner and he felt rubbish for most of the night. He was not sick. 

I thought I'd miraculously missed out this time, I thought I'd been lucky. But as it turns out the bug lingered in the house, unbeknownst to me, and it bit me last night. Before dinner I started to feel weak and tired, I put it down to being busy. The minutes ticked by and I gradually felt worse and worse. I cooked dinner but couldn't eat anything, and even drinking water felt like effort.

The kids went to bed and the Hubby and I sat down to watch our evening television. I felt like there was a valve open somewhere and all my energy was seeping out of me. By nine o'clock I couldn't take it anymore and went to bed. The stomach cramps were bad and the only way to get comfortable was to lay on my side in the fetal position. I slept from 9pm until about 1am but then the cramps were just too much. From 1 o'clock I spent my night in and out of the bathroom unable to get any sleep, or at least if I did sleep it wasn't noticeable. I hoped that come morning I'd be all better. I wasn't.

I woke (again) at 6.20am and hurried into the bathroom and this time... let's just say it was unpleasant. My energy had all but gone and the cramps continued. But as all mothers do I got up to sort out the boys ready for school. I made their breakfast, I packed their lunch boxes. I asked the Hubby if he would drop them off at school, I simply didn't have the energy. 

Fast forward a few hours and I'm feeling slightly better. I have eaten a small slice of toast and had plenty of water and so far it has stayed where it's supposed to. I'm shivering, on and off, am super tired but as long as the cramps have subsided and the food stays inside I think I'll be okay.

Here's the thing that makes me laugh though, I feel guilty for being ill. As if my being ill is somehow restricting what the boys and the Hubby can do. This illness of mine means the dishwasher isn't put on and I'll only be cooking something quick and easy for dinner. Although I know I can't help being ill I still feel like I owe them something, some sort of compensation. 

I'm sure when I'm feeling better the housework will (may) get done and everything will be back to normal but for now, we're all just going to have to live amongst the mess.

You Can Fly Too at Peter Pan's Flight in Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is, by far, the most magical holiday destination in the world. I know this from personal experience. It is a place where adults can be children again without feeling a bit out of place. It is the place where childhood dreams come true.

Morgan's Milieu | You Can Fly Too at Peter Pan's Flight in Walt Disney World

At Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World you can visit Cinderella in her castle, see Ariel and Eric and watch Tinkerbell fly high above Cinderella's Castle.

Blogging with Confidence

Each time I sit down at the computer with intention of writing my output increases. I managed 1,924 words last week, again over two days, 1,100 of them in one sitting. I continue to surprise myself. 

Writing Bubble

Only two days writing for the novel is a little frustrating, I'd like to do more. So many things take up my time... You know what, I won't keep repeating myself. I have limited time, we all suffer the same. So why don't I stop saying it!

*Shakes head*

Health and Weight Loss Tips 6

Finding exercise enjoyable can seem impossible when you're starting a weight loss campaign. It certainly did for me, I never thought I'd smile when exercising.

Morgan's Milieu | Health and Weight Loss Tips 6: Health and Weight Loss Tips badge

10st 13.6 lbs

58, 347 steps

My weight is heading in the right direction, albeit slowly, but my main focus is fitness. I like being able to run upstairs without leaning on the banister. I enjoy chasing Little Prince around the garden. To be able to do these things I need to be fit. LP is 5, his energy is everlasting.

What I Read 6

Time for some sharing of great posts I've read this week...

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 6: What I Read Badge

I read a few more posts this week, I'm feeling much better after the bug disappeared. Unfortunately Little Prince was off school on Monday with the dreaded lurgy but he is all better now too. At the moment we currently have a bug free house. So let's get on with the sharing shall we?

I read a great post from Sarah Howe this week about ageing. Well not so much ageing but more about the kinds of things that need to change as we age, like dress-sense. In I'm 30. I'm a Mummy. Am I too old for??? Sarah talks about her love of New Look and worries that she needs to stop shopping there. I believe it's the person that makes the clothes (or the hair, Sarah) and as long as you can wear it with confidence it doesn't matter. You could be wearing a clown outfit but if you can have the confidence to carry it off then people will love it! Sarah linked her post to this week's #AllAboutYou and that's how I found it.

Natalie's post made me giggle and I nodded along as I read it. She talks about 10 things that annoy her about her family and, as a mother, I agree with most of them. Her post was totally relatable and if you pop over there I'm sure you'll agree. I particularly agree with number 8 but my boys are 10 and 5 and may need a little more training where that's concerned. Natalie linked her post to #BrilliantBlogPosts.

Over at misplacedbrit.com Steph tells an amusing story. Even though you can guess what's going to happen from the title of the post she still manages to make you laugh (sorry Steph!) and feel embarrassed for her at the same time. Go check out Why You Should NEVER Bungee Jump in a Bikini which I found on the #AllAboutYou linky.

Dr Juliet McGrattan asks a thought provoking question in a post I found in the linky #BrilliantBlogPosts. Juliet is a GP and is wondering how to get to the subject of exercise with her patients. She asks us How should I tell you to exercise? It was great to read this from a doctor's point of view, I never thought about how awkward they must feel. A good read, please take a moment to visit.

And last, but by no means least I have a blogging post for you. Again found at #BrilliantBlogPosts. Bex talks about being burned out last year, the pressures of being a working mother became too much and blogging took the hit. But after some thinking Bex came through the other side and shares with us How to Beat Blogger Burnout.

It is the first time I'd visited most of these blogs but each one gave me an entertaining story or something to think about. That's what I love about the blogging community and all the fabulous linkys, we get to read new things, read about new people and make some brand new friends. Thank you ladies for sharing your posts.

Valentine's Gift Inspiration

Last year the Hubby and I spent Valentine's Day watching House of Cards series 2 on Netflix. We had a brilliant day spending time together and enjoying a great TV series. What more could you want?

Morgan's Milieu | Valentine's Day Plans: Pink Roses
Okay, maybe a bouquet of these beautiful things would be nice too!

So far this year we have no plans for Valentine's Day, but I'm thinking a relaxing bath, a good movie, popcorn and a snuggle on the sofa.

Nothing goes better with a relaxing bath than the perfect soap or shower gel. Compagnie de Provence Liquid Marseille Soap is scented with fresh verbena and smells lovely. It is invigorating and whenever I use it in my morning shower I am ready to take on the day. The soap doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight. It is available to buy from iwantoneofthose.com for £9.50.

After my shower or bath I moisturise and my hands need particular attention. This is when I use Compagnie de Provence Hand Cream, again scented with fresh verbena. The hand cream with shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E, is light and airy. It isn't too oily and keeps my hands soft and moisturised all day. I used to use L'occitane hand cream but I switched to this because I only need to use it once a day. I'm considering buying more just to make sure I have enough to last and at £13.00 for 300ml it is worth it.

The liquid soap and hand cream would make a great Valentine's gift and if your boyfriend/hubby needs a hint (or even you), look no further.

Morgan's Milieu | Valentine's Day Plans: Compagnie de Provence Gift Set

As you know the Hubby and I love movies and the classic accompaniment to a movie is popcorn. My boys are always asking for popcorn whenever they watch their movies and I can't keep buying the packaged toffee popcorn, it's just not good for them. I found a replacement though and it's perfect. 

Morgan's Milieu | Valentine's Day Plans: Heat n Eat Popcorn Maker

The Heat 'n' Eat Popcorn Maker from iwantoneofthose.com is great. Buy a bag of popcorn kernels, fill up the measuring cup and tip the kernels into the big red tub. Then all you need to do is pop the tub into the microwave and two minutes later you get hot, fresh popcorn. A bonus is you can choose which topping to add to your popcorn. You can buy the Heat n Eat Popcorn Maker from the iwoot website for £14.99.

This popcorn maker is so convenient, I love it!

Morgan's Milieu | Valentine's Day Plans: Popcorn Maker, worth the buy.

The movie hasn't been decided yet, maybe it'll be Gone Girl. I saw it available for rent on the Apple TV so that's a possibility. There's always our favourites but I'm thinking we should try something new.

What plans do you have for Valentine's Day?

I was sent the products in this post for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own.

Introducing Maxwell Scott Bags

Handbag designers like Louis Vuitton appeal to me, and in fact I own my own designer handbag. I've had it for years and it will always be my favourite.

Louis Vuitton Brown Leather Handbag

What I love about premium brands is the quality of the product. Yes, they're expensive but you can see, just by looking, that they'll last. Owning many handbags over the years I can now tell which will last days and which will last years. It is always the more expensive bags that last longer.

Activities for 4-6 Year Olds - Weekend Box Review

Come the weekend I often struggle to find things for Little Prince to do. Being offered the chance to review the Weekend Box was just what I needed.

Morgan's Milieu | Activities for 4-6 Year Olds - Weekend Box Review

When I first heard of the Weekend Box I thought it was just a cooking/baking activity but as LP and I opened up the box on Saturday morning I was pleasantly surprised. Inside the box were four different coloured packs, each containing a different activity.

Who Inspires You?

In practicing the 30 minute bursts of writing last week I broke into the lofty heights of 1,000 words. My second burst I wrote 929 words so this new writing routine is going well. Overall I wrote 1952 words last week, that's two days worth. Monday and Tuesday I wrote, the rest of the week was hectic and I didn't look at the novel again. 

The strange thing is that I'm not fazed by it, I don't mind that I missed a few days of writing. Doing the 30 minute bursts makes me more relaxed about the whole thing.

Muddled Manuscript

A question has been playing on my mind recently, I don't know if it was the post from Nicola Young about Inspirational Writing or talking to a friend about my writing that prompted it. The question is:

Health and Weight Loss Tips 5

Welcome back to another health and weight loss post, my fifth of the year! This week has been a jumble of things culminating in a weekend of illness, but I'm not pressuring myself.

Morgan's Milieu | Health and Weight Loss Tips 5: Health and weight loss tips badge


38,793 steps

What I Read 5

Right now I'm feeling pretty rubbish, my stomach is upset and I have a temperature. Not good. It seems I couldn't avoid that bug after all. But anyway, enough about me let's get on with What I Read 5.
What I Read 5 | Morgan's Milieu:  #WhatIRead Badge

I read a beautiful post from Zaz over at Mama and More yesterday in which she described her Christmas trip to Trinidad and Tobago. There were two posts and what I loved about them was I learned so much about Zaz and she made the places sound so amazing. There are some beautiful photographs and her descriptions of places and memories paints a magical picture. You should head over there right now and give them a read.

I finished reading another book this week too, Flashforward by Robert J. Sawyer. I tried to read it a few years ago but couldn't get into it. I gave it a second chance and this time I was hooked from the start. The story is intriguing and kept me turning the pages throughout. I enjoyed it so much that I finished the whole thing in 3 weeks - I never do that! There was a TV series made a few years ago based on this book but it was very different to the book and I'm glad I pushed myself to read it again.

That's it for this week folks but please do head over to give Zaz's posts a read, they're long but so worth it. I'm hoping by tomorrow I'll be back to normal and get plenty more reading done for next week.

Until next time...