How to Entertain School-Aged Boys

With two boys, 5 years between them, it is hard to keep them entertained but when those boys are opposite personalities, it becomes almost impossible.

Let me explain...

Yes, BP is outside but we're on holiday.
This is Big Prince (the one in the green hat, not the one holding the donut), he's 10 years old and likes to watch TV, play games and draw. He's the type who enjoys being indoors. He's not very sociable and likes his quiet time.

LP, outside as usual.
Little Prince is five (six in April) and likes playing football, video games and being outdoors. He is constantly active, from the moment he gets up in a morning to the second he falls asleep. He loves having friends over and running around the house.

They have very different personalities. My house is often filled with yells from BP telling LP to go away. Or shrieks from LP because BP won't play. This is why my house is filled with a plethora of toys, activities and crafts. There's golf caddies with clubs and balls, boxes filled to the brim with Lego and there are iPads.

Tablets are great but I refuse to let the boys use them all the time.

I bought a games table years ago and it has sat in our house, unused, for years. Recently the boys decided they wanted to use it. On the table they can play table tennis, table football, pool, air hockey and a whole load of other games. So far they've played table-tennis and pool.

It is great when I see them playing the games together. The games table is active enough that LP is happy but it's indoors and quiet (ish) which makes BP happy. They can play together nicely and enjoy themselves.

I never thought I would find any activity to keep them both happy but it turns out I was wrong.

How different are your children and how do you keep them entertained?

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  2. I have two boys the same ages and I agree a game table is a great way to keep them entertained. We have an air hockey table and one of those electronic arcade style basketball games that keeps them busy when it's cold outside. #sharewithme #lifewithboys

    1. It certainly is brilliant for when it's cold and rainy outside! Thanks for stopping by. xx

  3. Hi Morgan, thinking of ways to keep children entertained isn't always easy. When my two were younger my son was happiest kicking a ball around outside on his own or playing on his little pool table (anything ball orientated) and my daughter was usually found with her head in a book.

    When they got bored I let them be, as I think a little boredom is healthy as it forces them to think and be creative with their time.


    1. I think you're right Debbie, letting them be is sometimes the best option! My eldest is trying to get into reading again at the moment, I'm hoping he does. And as always LP loves to be outside. We just got a basketball net outside so he's out there throwing a ball around most days. :)

  4. Great tips. Buba will be starting school in September so I will have to bookmark this!!! Great post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    1. Ooh exciting times coming up then. I hope Buba loves school.Thanks for visiting. xx


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