Activities for 4-6 Year Olds - Weekend Box Review

Come the weekend I often struggle to find things for Little Prince to do. Being offered the chance to review the Weekend Box was just what I needed.

Morgan's Milieu | Activities for 4-6 Year Olds - Weekend Box Review

When I first heard of the Weekend Box I thought it was just a cooking/baking activity but as LP and I opened up the box on Saturday morning I was pleasantly surprised. Inside the box were four different coloured packs, each containing a different activity.

LP stood in the kitchen and opened up the first pack, an Aztec Parrot. I have to say he wasn't impressed with having to paint, he doesn't like painting. After a little encouragement he began to enjoy it and painted the parrot's body. We put it to one side to dry and while we waited we moved on to the second pack.

Equipment required for Weekend Box Aztec Mosaic.

This pack contained the things we needed to make a mosaic coaster. LP chose a pattern and I helped him cut out his shapes. I drew his pattern on the card and LP set about sticking down his mosaic pieces. He really enjoyed this activity and didn't want me to help at all.

Aztec Mosaic: Weekend Box ReviewOnce the mosaic coaster was finished we checked on our drying parrot body. It was dry and LP chose googley eyes and feathers to stick onto the body. He struggled a little bit with sticking the feathers onto the body and I helped. He was impressed with the result and hurried into the lounge to show it to his father. 

Making Hot Chocolate

Next was the hot chocolate, LP had been looking forward to this because there was chocolate that needed to be tested first! Following the instructions was easy and LP loved that he was making something. When the ingredients were mixed together and the chocolate had melted I poured the mixture into mugs. LP tried his hot (warm) chocolate and said it was yummy. He took the mug in to show his father, he was very proud of himself. 

LP really enjoyed the activities in the Weekend Box. Even though he didn't like painting he got past that and had fun with the activities. For 4-6 year olds the Weekend Box is a great little activity pack with varying activities. I'd recommend it to anyone with children this age. 

I've been given a promo code for my readers to try their first Weekend Box for free! Here's the promo code: MORGAN238.

Morgan's Milieu | Aztec Parrot, Weekend Box Review
The finished Aztec Parrot

Your box can be redeemed at, all they ask is that only new customers use the code and only one free box per household.

I was sent the Weekend Box for the purpose of a review, all opinions are my own.

Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. We recently tried one of these - my son loved it. I never seem to have much craft stuff in, so its handy that it basically all comes with it #pocolo

    1. They're great aren't they? We have plenty of craft stuff but I think this pack is good because it gives you a plan - like creating a parrot. LP has trouble thinking of things to do so this was brilliant for him.

  2. We've reviewed these before and I think that they are such a great idea :) Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

    1. They really are. Thanks so much for popping over and commenting Victoria. xx

  3. Anonymous22:27

    Wow what a great idea! Looks like lots of fun. My little one is 3.5 so not sure if is too young but I think we will try it.

    1. These packs are targeted and 4-6 year olds but I think it depends on your child, if you feel they'd enjoy it then I'd suggest giving it a go. After all, if they don't like it now they might love it in 6 months. :) Thank you for stopping by and commenting. xx


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