My TV Favourites

The hubby and I spend a lot of time watching TV. When the kids are in bed and we have time for us we like nothing more than sitting in front of the TV watching our favourite show. Over the years we have had many favourites and we tend to buy the DVD box sets for those we like the most.

Ever since Netflix came along we've had a much bigger selection of things to watch. We have a large selection of box sets but now our options seem endless. For example we have just finished watching the complete Dexter series (for the third/fourth time) and have just started Breaking Bad (for the third time). They are both on Netflix. While we're both working we'll watch/listen to Frost, a detective series from back in the nineties. I love Inspector Jack Frost, he's awesome.

There are loads of series we watch again and again and I thought I'd share a few of them with you. I won't list them in order because, if I'm honest I can't put them in order!

  • Lost - completely pulls you into the story right from the start and we have watched the whole thing about 5 times. My favourite character is Charlie.
  • Dexter - the totally adorable serial killer. Also has the most shocking end to a series I have ever watched - series 4. A definite must.
  • Breaking Bad - not one I thought I was going to like, given it's subject matter, but actually it is really entertaining. 
  • A Touch of Frost - a classic. I'll never tired of good old Jack Frost.
  • Friends - we must've watched the complete series fifty times. It gets funnier every time and I always want to start again, immediately. 
  • Cougar Town - if you liked Friends you'll love this. Starring Courtney Cox it is the Friends for the older generation.

This year we also enjoyed watching series 2 of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black - both Netflix Original series.

What are your favourite TV programmes? Do you love the classic soaps or are you more of a thriller series person?