The Lost City Adventure Golf, Nottingham

The Lost City Adventure Golf is mini-golf with an adventure theme in the Cornerhouse complex in Nottingham. Located on the lower ground floor it has two 18 hole adventures aimed at all ages.

Lost City Adventure Golf, Nottingham Cornerhouse

Entrance at Lost City Adventure Golf

It being in the centre of Nottingham is the perfect location for a morning of entertainment for the boys. So when the hubby said he wanted a morning off work I suggested we go there. We all got in the car and within 30 minutes were heading through the doors of the Cornerhouse. We've been to The Lost City Adventure Golf once before and as soon as the boys realised where we were going they shrieked with excitement. They ran off down the stairs and hurried towards the reception area.

The hubby and I followed and paid for an 18 hole adventure for us all. Score card and pencil in hand we all headed down the escalator to start our adventure. As it was our second time we chose the course that we hadn't already done; The Sacred Skull Pass. When you go in you can't see all the holes and the scenery surrounding them which meant the boys had to wait for each new hole before they could see what they had to do. The scenery is entertaining too. When you hit the ball into the right hole a snake's eyes light up and a spooky voice starts talking to you!

One of two choices of courses at Lost City Adventure Golf

We spent forty minutes playing and the boys enjoyed themselves, come to think of it so did the hubby and I. You can take longer but we had people behind us and we needed to keep up the pace. On the very last hole there's a chance to win an extra game - if you can get the ball in the right place! We didn't manage it this time.

For an 18 hole course family ticket (which should include one person under 12) costs £22.50. We managed to get our course for even less, £20, because they have an early-bird rate (before 12 noon). The Lost City Adventure Golf opens Monday - Friday at 10:30am and closes at 11pm, weekends they open at 10am and close at 11pm. They also offer parties for both children and adults (hen and stag) and I'm keeping this in mind for the future; Little Prince's friends might enjoy it!

Cornerhouse Nottingham, Golfing

I'm terrible at golf and thought I would be rubbish, but this was fun. You do not have to be a golfing expert to be any good and there's every chance that the smallest in your group could beat you all. Little Prince managed to get two holes-in-one! If you have a spare morning free I would recommend a family trip to The Lost City Adventure Golf, Nottingham.