An Impromptu Blackpool Trip

Blackpool Beach - could've been a bit brighter but never mind 
On Wednesday the hubby decided to take a day off work and wanted us all to go to Blackpool for the day. I got the kids ready, iPads, DS and games in hand, and we got in the car. Leaving our house at 9 o'clock we figured we could be in Blackpool by lunchtime and have some lovely fish and chips for lunch.

After a long trip there, quiet children (some of the time), and very achy bottoms we arrived in Blackpool at 11:30am and headed straight for our favourite fish and chip place. It's not on the sea-front, it's tucked back a little behind one of the amusements. We've tried a few places but 'C Fresh' does the best fish and chips in Blackpool - in our opinion - so we stick with it.

We enjoyed our food and then headed to the amusements where the boys were entertained by the 2p machines and all the flashing lights and music. LP thought it was absolutely fantastic and when he won a stack of 2p's he danced around with the biggest smile on his face. BP loved being able to wander around on his own playing the amusements.

Having been up Blackpool Tower on many occasions we didn't feel the need to do it this time but the boys enjoyed being able to run all over the giant 'newspaper' they now have on the ground. They stood right in the middle of it, looking up at the glass floor in the tower where they could see lots of people's feet. LP waved, BP joined in, but LP soon lost interest when no one waved back!

We went into the Sea Life Centre too. LP loves these places and whenever we're near one we have to go in. Luckily we have the Merlin Annual Passes so there was no extra cost involved. LP ran around the place staring at the fish and really loved the shark aquarium, particularly the giant stingray. BP wandered around reading all the information printed on the walls and learned some facts about octopi.

The day was very tiring but the best bit was when LP asked if he could paddle in the sea. I thought he would just paddle, splash around a bit and get bored, but oh no, not LP. We ended up having to take his jeans off so he wouldn't get them wet. He took this as permission to 'go for a swim' and headed deeper and deeper into the choppy waves. Within minutes his pants and t-shirt were completely soaked! Stripping him down to just his pants we let him go again and he rushed back to the sea as quick as he could, challenging himself to go deeper. My mother's instinct was screaming in my ears and I was absolutely terrified of him tripping and being unable to get back up. But his screams of delight and the smile on his face told us that he was loving it. We must've stayed by the sea for about an hour or so and LP was disappointed when we said it was time to go.

We had intended to stay for only a few hours and be back on the road before rush hour. In the end we had to stay a lot longer, leaving Blackpool at about 4:30pm. By the time we were back in the car we were all very tired having walked from one end to the other and back again. But I have to say, as far as impromptu days out go, this was one of the best!