Slash the cost of your kid's clothes bill

Buying clothes for the kids is like fighting an uphill battle. As soon as you’ve bought them, they’re already too small or covered in stains and mud. It seems like you’re buying them new stuff every week and your bank account won’t thank you for it.

There isn’t really much you can do though. Kids need to wear clothes, and you can’t send them out and about in scruffy rags, so you’ll just have to grin and bear it. What you can do, is take some of the stress off your purse with a bit of clever shopping.

Here are a few ways you can save money on your kid’s clothes bill. 

Ignore Collections

Right near the front of the shop, you’ll find some great looking displays that hold collections of matching pieces of clothing that look good together. You might be tempted to get them a nice matching outfit, but it’ll cost you a lot more and the truth is, the kids don’t care if their clothes are matching, they’ll probably wreck them in a week anyway. Instead, head to the back of the store where they hide away all of the cheaper items.

Get Discounts

You can easily get discount codes from places like that will get you a surprising amount of money off your shopping. That way, you can get some better quality clothes that will last a bit longer, without having to pay over the odds for them. It’s also worth asking in-store for any discounts, you never know what you might be able to save.

Plan Ahead

At the end of a season, there is always a period of crossover where the past season’s items are a lot cheaper. When autumn turns to spring, for example, and buying a load of jumpers, can save you a big chunk of money. You’ll have them laying around for a while before they get used, but when winter rolls around again, you’ll already be prepared. If you buy all of your clothes in the off season, you could massively reduce the amount that you are paying.

Share Clothes

You can save yourself from buying multiple sets of everything by getting the kids to share. That doesn’t mean getting your son to wear a dress if he doesn’t want to, but there are plenty of items that are easily interchangeable. Coats, jumpers, gloves and hats can all be swapped around so you don’t need to get everybody their own pieces of clothing.

Get Play Clothes

One of the reasons that the kids go through clothes so quickly is that they get put under a lot of strain when they are playing. Sliding around on the grass and falling out of trees is bound to ruin anybody’s clothes. This is especially frustrating if you’ve bought them a nice, expensive new shirt and they come back with a giant hole in it a few days later. The best thing to do is to buy separate play clothes that are cheap, so it doesn’t matter when they inevitably get ruined.

How do you save money on your kids clothes?

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