Kids' activities you can both enjoy

As busy parents we're always looking for activities for the kids to do, but sometimes we want kids' activities we can both enjoy. We want to join in the fun and spend time with our kids, but we don't want to be bored with the same old kids' activities. With the Easter holidays upon us I've been thinking about all the ways my kids and I could spend time together doing fun activities, here's what I came up with.

Enjoy Outdoor games together

This time of year, when the rain holds off and maybe the sun makes an appearance, it's good to get outdoors. There are loads of kids' activities you can do outdoors, particularly if your kids enjoy being outside.

Kids' Activities You Can Both Enjoy | Play balancing games in your garden and you'll both have fun!
You can even play balancing games!


LP loves playing badminton, and because I used to play when I was in school I enjoy it too. This past weekend LP and I got out in the garden and played a few rounds of badminton. We have a little set that we can put up in a few minutes and get to playing quickly. Playing badminton with LP made me think about the summer, and how lovely it would be to go for a picnic and take the badminton set with us so we can all have a go - It's on my list for summer kids' activities now! Badminton is a brilliant outdoor kids' activity that will keep them running around and maybe even give you a little workout too.


With a boy who is into his sports obviously football features on his favourites list. I don't usually play with him, he has a net that he uses and can entertain himself for a while. But sometimes it's nice to get out and kick a football around, even if you don't like football. The thing with playing football is it gives you a workout as well as wearing out your kids - win win! 

At the end of the day, if I can say I had fun, it was a good day.

Simone Biles

Swing ball

We bought a swing ball set a few years ago and it's a good activity for LP to do outside. He can spend ages hitting the ball around and he never loses the ball because it's attached to the pole by elastic. It's good to watch him playing, enjoying being outside, but sometimes it's better to get involved myself. LP always screeches with joy when I head outside and tell him we'll play swing ball. 

Again swing ball is a good way for you both to get exercise, and even if you're not looking forward to it, you'll find that after a while it's a kids' activity you'll both enjoy!

Get your kids drawing

I LOVE drawing, it's a peaceful activity that I can put all my effort into. It is also something that LP likes to do when he gets encouragement and advice. When we spend time together drawing LP listens to my advice on how to make his drawings look good as well as watching what I do and copying. We've created monsters together, he's helped me make my other drawings better, and he's a budding artist. 

Kids' Activities You Can Both Enjoy | Draw together, even if you can't draw, show your kids you'll try something new.
Drawing together is a great way to connect, even if you can't draw!

There are some brilliant books you can buy that teach you how to draw using simple shapes, and it's a great way to teach your kids about drawing. Spending time together doing simple kids' activities will show your kids you're not afraid to do the things they love too!

You can both enjoy gardening

Getting the kids outdoors and messing around in the garden is another good teaching opportunity. Particularly if you have younger kids. I don't spend a lot of time in the garden, I don't know much about gardening, but getting the kids outside and learning about trees and flowers is something I used to do when they were younger. 

Kids' Activities You Can Both Enjoy | Teach them about the garden, the animals, and even all the bugs!
Teach your children about the wildlife that lives in your garden.

Once outside you could get the kids to plant trees, flowers, and more, and when the plants grow you can point to them and remind them it's something they planted. We have Daffodils around the garden that the kids planted when they were small. They return every year and every year I remind them that they spent time with their day planting the flowers. It's lovely to hear them talking about it and they even remember doing it - which is so cool!

Why not pop to a supermarket or DIY store and pick up some flowers bulbs, then get the kids outside and you can enjoy planting them together.

Crafts is a great kids' activity you can both enjoy

If you're any good at crafts, or even if you're not, you can grab some colourful paper and bits and pieces and get crafting. As it's Easter there are lots of fun kids' activities you can find on Pinterest that are fairly simple to try out. I love the Easter themed activities, there's bunnies as far as the eye can see and as long as you've got a few bits I have no doubt you'll be able to come up with something. 

I am not good at crafts, but that doesn't stop me enjoying these kids' activities with my youngest. In fact, all the ideas are helping with his school project where he has to create a miniature garden!


Who doesn't love Lego? Okay, so it's pretty annoying when you stand on it when it's been left on the carpet but when you're working together to build something amazing isn't it satisfying?

Kids' Activities You Can Both Enjoy | Whether it's a set, or regular Lego, build together!
LP building his Lego TIE Striker.

The Hubby and I have lots of sets of Lego, including the Taj Mahal and The Disney Castle, but we also have tubs of Lego that aren't part of any sets. The boys have collected them over the years and during the school holidays we often get out the Lego so they can create something. 

Sitting down with your kids and creating something unusual together is fun and you'll laugh as you come up with new and weird machines or houses. Lego is a kids' activity everyone will love, which is why it's on my list of activities you can both enjoy.

Build a fort together

On the theme of building something together, forts are another great way to connect. You have to work together to move the furniture to the right spot or to build the set in the right way. And it's not just the building you can both enjoy, the fun stuff you do inside the fort is good too!

'Have fun' is my message. Be silly. You're allowed to be silly. There's nothing wrong with it.

Jimmy Fallon

Spend 10-20 minutes building a fort, but you can spend all day enjoying time inside the fort with your kids. We've put LP's TV in his fort once or twice, and you can even take other kids' activities into the fort, like Lego or drawing. 

Forts are great, they let your kids imagination free and when you get involved too they can bring you into their fantasies. 

Go have fun together!

Kids' Activities You Can Both Enjoy |  Spend time with your kids and enjoy the activities they enjoy too!

Sometimes as adults we end up thinking we couldn't possibly enjoy kids' activities but when we get our kids involved and really get into it there are loads of kids' activities you can both enjoy. You just have to be in the moment with them.

What kids' activities do you enjoy?

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