Morgan's Magic Markers

Ever since I was a little girl I've enjoyed drawing. I love the quiet time and focus I get from concentrating on a new project. But when I became a mum that fell to the wayside as I took care of my boys and spent my time being a stay-at-home mum. It wasn't until the Apple Pencil was released that I got back to my drawing.

I am always using my iPad, and having an actual pencil that can work like a regular pencil was a game-changer for me. I could finally indulge my drawing again, and I did. I spent hours on end drawing and colouring in little characters, including a cartoon version of myself - as you can see above.

What I love about my little characters, particularly the human ones, is that they're not focussed on body shape or height. All my characters are the same height and of a similar shape, but they're made to look like the people I know. Kind of like stick people, but full bodied.

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt

There's also my fictional characters like the unicorn, dinosaur, and dragon. They were so much fun to create and colour in.

Eventually I decided to put them to use and created an Etsy Shop where you can buy personalised prints or ready made prints.

You can select your favourite and even have it sent to you immediately (as long as it's not personalised) by choosing the Digital version. 

Morgan's Magic Markers | This Unicorn print is available from my Etsy shop!
You can buy this unicorn print as is, or if you'd like it personalised contact me!

If your child is into football why not give them a personalised gift they'll love. This print features a boy wearing a Nottingham Forest shirt, but if your boy or girl supports a different team let me know and it can be changed to their team. The colour of the wording can also be changed to fit with the colour of the shirt. Stop by my shop to make your choices.

Morgan's Magic Markers | A football print for the football player or supporter in your life. Buy from my Etsy shop.
For all the football players/supporters in your life.

Mother's Day will be here before you know it, so why not surprise your mum with a personalised print telling her just how much she means to you. Your mum can be pictured with 1 personalised item and colours can be changed. Stop by my Etsy shop to let me know your preferences.

Morgan's Magic Markers | In time for Mother's Day why not buy your mum this personalised print with a cartoon of her.
A personalised print from you to your mum - a wonderful Mother's Day Gift.

Or you could really go for it and get a family portrait, whether for grandparents (like below) or for yourself you can order a personalised Family Portrait and all characters can have 1 personalised item.

Morgan's Magic Markers | Get yourself a family portrait, turning you all into cartoon characters!
A great gift for grandparents, or even for yourself!

Prices vary depending on the print you order so why not stop by the shop and take a peek, you may find just the thing you're after.

See you there!