Top 7 things you should do at Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World

If you're planning a trip to Walt Disney World next summer you really shouldn't miss out on the water parks, Typhoon Lagoon is one of them. There's so much fun to be had in the Florida sun and it's not just in the theme parks - the water parks are fun too. So with that in mind here's 7 things you should do at Typhoon Lagoon.

Crush 'n' Gusher

A "water-coaster" that you ride in pairs is definitely one of the best rides. Despite being someone who hates roller coasters I do love Crush 'n' Gusher. I usually ride with the Hubby but a couple of times I've been on with BP, and I always have a brilliant time (I do scream on the way down!). There are lots of drops and turns but it doesn't last long and you float onto the pool at the bottom when you're finished. Lots of fun.

Water is the driving force of all nature. 

Leonardo da Vinci

Humunga Kowabunga

The biggest body slide in Typhoon Lagoon, the kids gave this one a go. I ducked out of this one because I don't really like body slides, but the boys said it was fun. The slide is big but doesn't last long, just hold onto your shorts as you come down!

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World | Find the maps around the park.
Maps around the park will tell you where to find everything.

Storm Slides

More body slides, but this time they're winding and lots of fun. There are lots of slides at Typhoon Lagoon and these are among the best. Do not forget to ride the storm slides!

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. 

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Ketchakiddee Creek

For the little ones in your party there's Ketchakiddee Creek, where they can play around in the small themed water park. There are small slides, pools, and water spurts out all over the place. The younger kids are sure to have a fabulous time here.

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World | The little ones can even have fun at Ketchakiddee Creek.
Let your kids run wild at Ketchakiddee Creek!

Miss Adventure Falls

A family raft ride, and Typhoon Lagoon's newest addition, this is one of the best rides at Typhoon Lagoon. The raft can carry up to 4 people, and luckily there's four of us in our family so we were able to ride together. We had lots of fun, although if you don't like to ride backwards sit opposite the person who does!

Castaway Creek

The perfect place to sit and relax. Sit yourself in an inflatable ring and float around the lazy river as you watch the world, and the other tourists, drift by. After a morning of going on fast water rides you'll be thankful for a rest in Castaway Creek - just look out for those sneaky kids or squirt you with the water guns at the side of the creek.

Top 7 Things You Should Do AT Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World | Relax in the rings in Castaway Creek.

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool

I've saved the best for last - the surf pool. Now it doesn't look like much fun when the waves aren't going but believe me, it's lots of fun. Head into the pool and wait for the tidal wave that will surely knock you off your feet. Again and again the wave will head towards you. If you're brave enough head to where the pool is deepest, funnily enough the wave isn't as strong here! The boys loved swimming up on top of the wave as it headed through the pool. As a result Typhoon Lagoon is their favourite water park.

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World | The surf pool is sure to keep you entertained for a while!
The boys love swimming along the top of the wave!

Spending time at the water parks in Walt Disney World isn't many people's priority but there are definitely things not to miss here. We often spend a morning having fun on the slides and then chill out in Castaway Creek before heading to a park in the afternoons.

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World | Heading to Typhoon Lagoon this summer? Here's the top 7 things you should do.

Which slide would you go for at Typhoon Lagoon?

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