The Christmas battles of Mum

Us mums fight battles all the time, from getting the kids up in a morning to making them go to bed, there's always some reason for us to battle. And, of course, Christmas is no different - in fact we probably have lots of new battles as well as the regular ones. How many of these Christmas battles of Mum do you fight?

Stay in bed!

Usually our fight involves getting them up in a morning, but this time of year getting the kids to stay in bed becomes a whole big thing. You need them to stay in bed long enough to get the presents sorted and last minute wrapping done, but they insist on playing games and running up and downstairs all night. It's a fun time...

I've lost count of the number of times Hubby and I have had to run through the house trying to hide the fact that we're playing Santa. Rushing from the kitchen, past the stairs and the gallery landing, into the lounge where we set the presents in whichever way we've decided that year. We - or rather Santa - have a running theme for our presents -- One year we had a mountain of gifts, one year we had a treasure hunt for gifts, and last year all the gifts were in a huge present house. The kids look forward to seeing how Santa will decide to do the gifts every year - even though they're getting older!

The Christmas Battles Of Mum | Getting the kids to stay in bed at night is a battle - the excitement is just too much.
The giant present that contained all other presents - sometimes Santa is a genius! 😉

Battery Bother

There's always that one toy that requires batteries you don't have. No matter how much planning you do you can't be prepared enough for the frustration you'll feel when you see a toy requires C batteries. 

It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love.


I keep a stock of batteries in the kitchen, we've always got plenty of AA and AAA batteries, but when it comes to the others because we need them so infrequently it's pointless keeping them in stock. Which means when it comes to Christmas gifts we have to hope none of them need the bigger batteries. Luckily with older children that's rarely the case.

Attack of the toys

After the excitement of opening presents you then have to deal with boxes upon boxes of new toys, all of which are secured with a billion cable ties - fun! Pulling at sellotape and cable ties while you try not to curse at the tiny little toy that seems to need a degree in rocket science to remove it from its box. 

The Christmas Battles Of Mum | Even Spiderman will give you trouble on Christmas Day.

On Christmas morning I have a list of things I get together and scissors are on my list. I learned quickly that trying to open any toy without scissors handy is a huge mistake and scissors are my friend. Not to mention having chocolate to hand (because it's probably too early for bourbon!) - for you and your kids!

Banish Boredom

You'd think with all the new toys the kids wouldn't be able to get bored, yet still, by the end of the day, you'll have heard those dreaded words at least once.

Christmas is a stocking stuffed with sugary goodness.

Mo Rocca

In order to banish the boredom have plenty of activities planned - we have activity books, colouring sheets, even a pool table to keep the boys busy.

Activities for the family

Board games, days out, even movie time, and the kids want to do every single one on Christmas day.

The Christmas Battles Of Mum | Taking the boys out to Warwick Castle, something we save for later in the year.
One of our outings - this was Warwick Castle, later in the year.

We give our boys vouchers for days out, buy new board games, and take them to the cinema to see new movies, but most of the time they want to do all the things on Christmas Day. It's frustrating having to say no, especially on Christmas Day, but we like to save some of the activities for later in the year.

No more threats

No longer can you threaten to tell Santa about bad behaviour. Now you have to deal with it, and yes, even though it's Christmas Day they'll still bicker!

The threat of telling Santa about bad behaviour can work wonders before the big day, but as the kids are sitting opening their gifts they somehow realise that you can't threaten them any more and the behaviour often takes a dive. It's almost as if they've been saving up bad behaviour credits to be used at a later date.

The Christmas Battles Of Mum | How many of these battles do you fight during Christmas as Mum?

Of course these are just little gripes and to be honest Christmas time is one of my favourite times as a mum. I don't really fight battles, I just referee most of the time, and I always focus on the good. After all Christmas is a time to be spent with the people we love and I do love my boys - all three of them.

Will you be fighting these Christmas battles or will you just ignore them and enjoy Christmas Day?

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