How to cope with Florida heat when visiting Walt Disney World

It has been a hot summer in the UK this year, people walking around in shorts and t-shirts, red skin wherever you look, and every single person you speak to is complaining about the heat. But even despite the hot weather there's still a big difference between UK hot, and Florida hot. Florida is like no where else I've ever been, mainly because it's not just heat from the sun but humidity too. After many years visiting Orlando we've come up with a few tips on how to cope with the heat when visiting Walt Disney World.

Don't take a big backpack if you can help it

For people from the UK travelling to Walt Disney World they’re not thinking about what they should carry around in the parks all day - or at least we don’t. I don’t want to have to carry around a big backpack full of things that’s going to make my back sweat and drag me down when the heat gets too much. For me it’s about travelling light - making my day in the parks as light as possible. I take a bumbag (fanny pack in America) and fill it with essentials. Everything else we need we get in the parks during the day.

We are not trying to entertain the critics. I'll take my chances with the public.

Walt Disney

What are you wearing?

Forget style - think comfort. For a long time I was preoccupied with looking good rather than feeling good when in the parks. I wore uncomfortable shoes that gave me blisters and clothes that I was pulling and tugging at throughout the day. These days I’m a tee, shorts, and trainers gal. My boys prefer sandals to trainers but still it's shorts and tees all around. If I can get some comfortable sandals I’ll go for that, but with foot pain I have to stick to trainers these days. 

Morgan Prince wearing blue shorts and a pink t-shirt in Walt Disney World to cope with the heat.

Water - drink AND play!


First of all stay hydrated. You'll find yourself getting a lot more thirsty a lot more often when you’re in the parks. There are plenty of free water fountains around the parks, there are drinks carts and shops for you to buy drinks too. With the Disney Dining plan you get two snacks (or drinks) per day per visitor and you’ll definitely use those plus some. Snacks are the thing we always get through because we’re always buying drinks. You finish a drink, walk about 10 yards, and are ready for another drink - and that's no exaggeration. You definitely want to drink plenty.

Two cocktails sit on a white tablecloth in Contemporary Resort Walt Disney World


When we’re at home I don’t really let the boys play in water. I don’t know why, I’m so bothered about them getting wet and not being able to dry off that I don’t let them. But I have learned that when in Florida you need to let that reservation go. Even if your children get wet, they’ll be dry in no time. There is absolutely no problem with them playing in the water and there are plenty of fountains around the parks to have fun in - so let them! They will think it’s brilliant and will name you Super Cool Mum for letting them do something you usually say no to!

Air con baby!

Unlike back in the UK there is EPIC air conditioning in all indoor places. Shops, hotels, shows, and rides, all have air conditioning. We use that as a way to stay cool during our days in the parks. If we’re walking along Main Street for example and it’s a hot day we’ll dip into all of the shops on our way along the street, that way we’re not walking the whole way in the sun and we get to stay cool for a little while longer.

Entering Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World.

The shade helps a little, but if you’ve ever been to Florida before you’ll know it can get pretty humid, so a lot of the time it’s not just the heat that’s bad, but the humidity too. The shade will not get you away from the humidity. 

I’ve even been known to dip into the toilets, when I didn’t need to go, just to get some of that lovely cool air!

I don't like formal gardens. I like wild nature. It's just the wilderness instinct in me, I guess.

Walt Disney

What time is it Mr Wolf?

In our experience the Florida heat gets bad around lunch time (or DINNER TIME!😂) and can be very bad in the afternoon. The sun is up early and shines most of the morning, building up heat as it does. Which means that from lunch time onwards it is very hot. Sometimes there’s a rain storm in the afternoon and that does alleviate the humidity. We’ve found staying out in the rain is not generally a problem. We watch as the Americans scatter for cover and stare at us as we laugh and dance in the rain. We’ve been enough times to know that the rain will stop soon, and even if it doesn’t it’s not like it’s cold!


USE IT. As Brits we’re a bit scared of the white stuff, it’s something we tend not to bother with but in Florida you absolutely must use it. As someone who has sensitive skin and burns easily, even in the UK, I learned that I have to wear the highest factor sunscreen I can get my hands on. I would rather not tan than end up with sunburn, it’s just not worth it. 

A view of the France pavilion in Epcot Walt Disney World - not a place to go to avoid the heat in Walt Disney World.

We don’t buy sunscreen at home though - my top tip would be to head to a local store like Walgreens when you arrive in Florida and buy what you need. It’s much cheaper that way and you’re not using up your much-needed suitcase space on sunscreen. Another thing I want to mention is that last time we tried out the sunscreen as a spray and found it a lot easier, and quicker, to use. Rather than it taking 20 minutes to make sure everyone is covered in the cream it can take just 10 minutes to spray everyone and we know we’re sorted. 

Have a shower

At the end of a long day in the parks when you've been in the heat and in and out of shops to soak up that lovely air con, taking a shower can feel amazing. Washing off that sunscreen makes you feel fresher and spending a little time in the hotel room when you don't have to wear the sunscreen is so good. I tend to have a lot of showers when I'm in Florida, and it's not just to escape the kids for a while!

So there you have it, a few tips to help you cope with the Florida heat when visiting Walt Disney World.

Top tips for coping with the heat in Florida when visiting Walt Disney World

Are there any tips you'd add?

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