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A lot of the board games that we play are ones that come with a flat board, they have various playing pieces but the thing that is fairly standard is they all have some sort of playing board and all the action happens on this board. Colt Express is one of those games that doesn't conform to this, while it is a board game it doesn't have a playing board - all the action happens on a train!

About Colt Express

It's 1899 and the Union Pacific Express is headed north to deliver its payroll and forty-seven passengers. Suddenly the train is attacked by a host of thieving bandits aiming to become the richest outlaw of the Old West!

The award-winning Colt Express invites players to take on the role of the outlaws, battling to collect the most loot from a detailed three-dimensional train. 

Will the outlaws keep their cool or will the marshal save the day and prevent the stealin'? All that matters is which outlaw is the riches when the train pulls into the station!

Suitable for 2-6 players, aged 10+

Colt Express game box with train on either side of the box.

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Setting up the game

The game takes a little more setup than other games the first time you open it, there are cacti to put together and a train to build. Once all your bits and pieces are built you pick 4 carriages for your train, add loot (money bags and diamonds) according to the type of carriages you have and get your players ready.

Colt Express set up on a dining table, with cacti and rocks next to a train with characters on it.

Players begin the game in the back 2 carriages of the train, the marshal stands in the front of the train, guarding a case full of loot.

Your train sits in the middle of the play area but should be accessible to all players so they can move their pieces around and steal loot. You can add cacti and rocks to your playing area too. 

Each player has a player board to keep your cards organised and you're given your sets of cards, that's Activity cards, and bullet cards, as well as a bonus card for later. You're also given 1 money bag to start the game.

Colt Express Belle player board with bullet cards, activity cards, and bonus card as well as a money bag and suitcase.

Playing Colt Express

Each player takes a turn to choose an Activity card to place it in a pile in the middle of the play area, play goes around the table with each player placing cards until the sequence (according to your play card) is finished.

6 Colt Express Activity Cards, the train is in the background.

When placing an Activity card you can choose a move card which allows you to move through carriages or go up on the roof (or back down) of the train, a shoot card which lets you try to shoot one of your opponents, a steal card which lets you steal loot from one of the carriages, a punch card which lets you try to punch an opponent and steal some of their loot, or a marshal card which allows you to move the marshal. You have to try to keep track of all your (and your opponents') moves, which is difficult, and attempt to steal the most loot before the end of the game. Keeping track is so difficult that you will often find yourself punching the air or stealing nothing!

A pile of Colt Express Activity cards as played by each player in turn. They are fanned out so you can see all the cards.

The aim of the game is to have the most loot by the end of the game, but you can sneak a win if you've shot your opponents enough times - there's a bonus $1000 for the most bullets shot!

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What we think about Colt Express

The boys love this game. It's fun and it's not just a flat board so they get to move around their character, pick up loot, and shoot or punch (not literally!) each other or me or their dad.

A close up of Colt Express on a dining table. A white figurine stands on top of one carriage, a blue one stands in the next carriage along. There's a money bag in the carriage beneath the white character.

While it can be difficult to keep track of moves it's still a fun game and despite punching the air or shooting no-one we still manage to have fun. It is fun watching everyone shooting each other or trying to get someone back for punching them.

The front of the Colt Express train, containing a blue and a pink character standing next to a suitcase.

Colt Express is great fun and I'd recommend it for older children, I know the recommended age is 10+ but LP, aged 8 (almost 9), can play with no trouble. 

The Ghost card for Colt Express, it has lots of money bags and diamonds on it but has he won?

Colt Express winning player board for Ghost, has lots of money bags, diamonds, and the bonus shooting card.
BP's winning board!

There is a more complicated mode to the game too that we have yet to try out. This adds to the fun though because it means if we ever get bored of the standard game we can change it up and enjoy the game again!

Colt Express - a great game to play as a family. Have you tried it yet?

Have you ever played Colt Express - what did you think?

I was sent Colt Express free of charge as part of Blogger Board Game Club in order to review. All opinions are my own. 

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