The best age to visit Walt Disney World

I like to say we are regular visitors to Walt Disney World, we don't go every year, in fact it's been 3 years since our last visit, but we have been more than 7 times and have taken our children with us at all ages. In that time we've learned how babies cope with the Florida heat, we've learned how much stuff you have to carry around with you, and we've learned that you will always have a good time. Continue to read to find out the best age to visit Walt Disney World.

Taking babies 

When we first took BP to Walt Disney World he was almost 2 years old, he was still in a pushchair (stroller to my friends across the pond) and slept - a lot. We were restricted on which rides we could go on because BP didn't like loud noises and there were certain places we couldn't take the pushchair which meant either carrying BP or not doing the thing we wanted. But it's not all bad, because when you have a baby in a pushchair you have somewhere to keep all your bags of stuff. Let's face it, when you have a baby you need lots and lots of stuff and you need somewhere to keep it all. Thankfully the pushchair comes in handy for that. There's also the fact that you're not having to carry a hot and sweaty baby around all day, they can sit in the pushchair, probably with a fan attached, and chill out as much as they like. You do have to constantly think about hydration though, making sure both you and the baby drink enough and stay out of the sun. 

A four year old boy has a photo taken with King Louie and Baloo in Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World.

Two years later, when BP was 4 we visited again and this time it was better. BP was no longer using a pushchair and could walk around and enjoy more rides. This also meant he wanted to be picked up a lot when he got tired of all the walking. He also go tired, a lot quicker than we did. We spent a lot of time walking around carrying a sleeping, hot, four year old. Again though there were some good bits. Seeing BP's little face light up when he got to see Bear in the Big Blue House at Playhouse Disney Live made the holiday. It fills my heart thinking about it now and it was about 10 years ago! It's those memories that make all the carrying a sweaty child around worth it. 

Pregnant in Florida

Later that same year we visited Walt Disney World again - and this time I was pregnant. It was later in the year, November time, so the heat wasn't quite so bad, but still I would not recommend going when pregnant. The heat was tough, coping with the extra weight meant walking was a problem too and I needed to sit constantly. Add one four year old and it was a tough trip. It wasn't all bad though, we were only there for a week but we still managed to do all the rides we loved and it is one of the best holiday memories I have despite being pregnant.

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island.

Walt Disney

Visiting with 2 children

Having another baby delayed our next trip to Walt Disney World but we did visit when LP was young, still in a pushchair. So again we had the storage, which was great given we also had a 7 year old. BP had a blast on this visit, he saw all his favourite characters, like Stitch, and could even go on all the rides, including the roller-coasters, because he's tall for his age. LP did okay, he didn’t like the heat very much and we lost his favourite blanket (of which we only had one - total parenting failure!) while there and that changed him. He was very grumpy after that and even buying a new blanket that looked exactly the same (we bought his original one from wdw) didn’t help. But he did have a good time some of the time, he enjoyed seeing characters from the TV and enjoyed watching his brother playing and running off. 

When LP was 4 and BP was 9 we visited again, during the summer. Most of our trips have been during the summer months. BP always has a birthday when we're there, which adds to the fun, and he thinks that's pretty cool. We didn't have a pushchair because LP was okay walking around, which also meant we didn't need to carry around as much stuff. LP loved meeting the characters and his face was a picture whenever he saw someone new. BP loved the bigger rides, he had a blast and thought it was great that him and his dad could go off on rides together. The best thing about this trip, and something they both remember, is going on stage at the start of the Indiana Jones show to introduce the show!

Visiting with older children

The last time we visited was in 2015 - 3 years ago - and we had a 6 year old and an 11 year old. Timed just before BP started High School because we figured we'd have hormone issues otherwise. With older children I was carrying a lot less, all I needed was a bag around my waist filled with essentials like money. Not having to carry any bags was great, and it also meant we didn't need to think about where we'd put things if we wanted to go on rides. There were no issues with the boys getting tired and wanting to be picked up. BP wasn't too old so didn't think he was "too cool" for meeting characters, and LP was still very much a fan of the Disney characters. Both boys enjoyed the bigger rides and on the ones I don't like I got a little rest while I waited for my three boys to come off the ride.

All cartoon characters and fables must be exaggeration, caricatures. It is the very nature of fantasy and fable.

Walt Disney

So far this is my favourite trip - the boys loved every second (or most of it anyway) and I didn't have to carry much around. 

Visiting this summer

We are in Orlando right now and our boys are 9 and 14. I'm anticipating a few teenaged outbursts during this trip, but I'm hoping that the Disney of it all will combat any bad emotions BP may get. This time I can let BP wander, I have no doubt he'll want to go off on his own and we found out that he has a friend in Walt Disney World at the same time as us and they're going to meet up - so that'll be fun for them. LP is beyond excited, he can't wait to try out all the bigger rides because he has a little trouble remembering what they were like. 

Entrance to Animal Kingdom Lodge in Walt Disney World

Each time we've visited Walt Disney World it has got easier for me. My boys are growing and I have to do less and less for them. I enjoy it much more now because I can go back to being a child when we're there, rather than having to be the sensible adult who takes care of everyone. My boys will get to see me having fun too!

My family is growing up, but the fact that we all love Disney and are fairly regular visitors mean that we can all still enjoy ourselves there no matter what our age. And I think that’s the key to Walt Disney World - you can go at any age and have an amazing time.

The best age to visit Walt Disney World is the age you are right now!

Whether you’re 8 or 80 - go to Walt Disney World and you’re sure to have fun!

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