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Friday again and Stephanie and I are back for Post Comment Love. Be sure to link up with your best or favourite post of the week so we can read, comment and share. I can't wait to see what you have for us.

I've been inspired to change my theme this week, as you can see. I'm kind of loving the simplicity of this one and I think it's much easier for you to look around and find something you'll enjoy - what do you think? Do let me know if you have any issues - I only installed it on Wednesday so I'm still getting used to it myself!

As for other things, I've been trying to get ready for half term - which is a bit of a pain. It's always nice having the boys at home (when they don't bicker!) but sometimes it's a pain to find something to keep them occupied. BP is off school on Monday for INSET day, and LP is off on Friday so there's only 3 proper work days - better get organised!

We've also got the kids' parents evenings next week - or should I say we have LP's parents evening and BP's options evening. It's time for BP to decide what GCSEs he wants to take and while we've been discussing it over the past few months I'm still none the wiser which he'll choose. I hope this options evening makes it a little easier on us parents!

I still didn't get my results back from the hospital yet about my smear test - which is kind of worrying. I've never had to wait more than 3 weeks and every time I think about it I worry. Again - I'm sure everything is fine but it doesn't stop me worrying unfortunately. It's one of those "worse case scenario" deals. Scary times. I've decided if I don't get a letter in the post today I'll be calling the hospital to find out what's going on - I can't keep waiting indefinitely.

Oh yes, I just remembered - I'm stuck not doing exercise too. Bah - things aren't looking good health wise at the moment are they?! Last week I was doing my usual morning walking/running and the arch in my left foot hurt every time I took a step. It didn't hurt when I ran, so I ran. Probably not the best decision but there it is. On Sunday Hubby and I tried to go for a walk to the supermarket and I got just around the corner from our house but couldn't go any further - I knew if I tried I'd do some serious damage. So now I'm stuck, Hubby told me not to do exercise until I can do the school run without my foot hurting and so far that hasn't happened. I think if I just rest over the weekend it might sort itself out... at least I hope it does.

Well that's it for the updates from me, what have you been up to this week?

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