No more tricks, time for treats

As you pack away the carved pumpkins and the Halloween costumes, it’s now time to ditch the good old trick or treat attitude and to embrace a new approach for the last race before Christmas. Yes, it’s going to be stressful. Yes, you’re going to run after time and to spend several sleepless nights trying to find the best present ideas for your beloved ones. Yes, this Christmas is going to be an expensive one: Prices are not going down, however hard we all wish they were. But it’s exactly why it’s time to treat yourself and your family as you get ready to finish the year. For most households, there will be no day off until the beginning of the festive season… And let’s get honest that’s a long time to wait! Do we need to argue any longer about it? Treat yourself because you deserve it, because everybody is tired of the year in November and because you need a break from everyday stress. Forget the tricks; it’s time for a treat. 

A photo of Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland Paris. There are red flowers in front of the entrance to the grey, brick castle. Standing either side of the walking path leading into the castle are street lamps, from the lamps hanging baskets hang filled with purple and pink flowers. The towers are painted pink and blue. To the left stands a large tree full of green leaves. The sun is shining down on the castle.

Treat yourself before the end of the year

Everybody knows how stressful the period between Halloween and Christmas can be for a lot of families. It’s the last mile before the end of the race: it’s a matter of finding the energy to get everything ready for the festive holiday. Juggling with family responsibilities, the hunt for the perfect Christmas presents, and the preps for the family get together in December can be hard work. So if someone deserves a treat, it’s you. Think of it as a little ray of sunshine during your stress-packed days! What’s the ideal treat, you ask? It depends on your stress levels. Do you need a quick pick-me-up? Maybe a decadent drink in a fancy coffee shop in town could do the trick: just you and that massive mug of goodness, with extra cream on top. Yum! If you want the kind of treat that can last for longer, how about buying a new fashion item? As it’s the season for hat and gloves, why not add a brand new coat to your autumn look? 

Treat your home to a revamp

If you are considering a treat that you could share together as a family, have you thought of simple changes in your home decor? If you’re feeling generous, why not have change your old couch for a brand new and elegant sofa from ttMall? Too much for your end of year budget? How about giving the living room a fresh coat of paint instead? Or investing in new sofa cushions and a throw? After all, you don’t have to break the bank to find an interior look that will get everybody excited! 

Treat your family to a sweet surprise

Still wondering what to get the kids for Christmas? There’s still time to take them on a fantastic adventure and celebrate Christmas in a new decor. You could take them to Disneyland Paris over the holiday, and enjoy 25% off your hotel and park tickets. Surely that’s a great way to keep your budget under control while giving the kids a Christmas they won’t forget. 

In short, avoid the burnout of the end of the year race. You need a break from stress. Treat yourself to something sweet, sit down and enjoy a moment of peace, alone or as a family. You’ve deserved it!