A better education is a better future

Education is the key to any successful future, yet we're sure we can all admit that while we were in education, it didn’t seem like the most important thing in the world. But it’s not necessarily the physical grades that are the key to a better future, it’s the knowledge you learn from it. The skills you gain are invaluable in terms of real life situations. Let’s be honest, hardly anyone here will remember algebra, but we do remember how to read, write with correct punctuation and grammar, speak fluently, etc. All of which you wouldn’t be able to get by without knowing. So if you still don’t believe education is the key to a better future, let this article tell you why it is.


It may be obvious why education is the key to a better career, but some people still take it for granted. If you attempt to get a job in a skilled career, but you have fewer qualifications than someone else going for the same job, you’re a lot less likely to be picked. Companies nowadays want academically successful people the fill their positions, so the more education you have, the better. This is really evident for roles in the business world. Business management, for example, does require further qualifications than just the basic high school ones. There are online training courses you can do such as msc business management distance learning, which may be a little easier if you find full time education hard. That’s the beauty of education; you don’t need to be sitting in a classroom to be learning. As long as you have the drive to do so, you could complete a course and open new doors from the comfort of your own home.


Education plays a big part in terms of the pay packet you could receive. Let’s use the example of health carers and nurses. Health carers usually have to complete a level 3 course, but will rarely go above £25,000 at the absolute max in terms of pay. The hours will also be pretty unsociable. A nurse will have to complete three years at university, with a lot of hard training involved. The hours will also be unsociable, but the pay starts in the high £21,000. So, this just proves a little how the higher the education, the more money you’re likely to receive in terms of the job you’re willing to do. If you’re not prepared to take time away from your work in order to gain better qualifications, then an apprenticeship might be the route for you. You get paid to work and learn at the same time, and there are some great accredited schemes out there that will launch you into a successful career. Take the Jaguar Land Rover scheme for example. You’d be an apprentice for a couple of years, but the pay packet at the end of it is very generous.

Whatever route you chose to take, you should always be looking for a way to improve your education for a better future.

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