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As a busy mum you often forget that it's okay for you to have a treat sometimes. It can be anything from a fancy coffee at Starbucks or a brand new pair of shoes that you've had your eyes on. You spend so much time looking after everyone else that you forget about your own happiness. Yes, it's okay to take care of your family, but you also need to be selfish.

How I treat myself

Having two school-aged boys makes it easy for me to get time to myself. I have between the hours of 9am and 3pm to spend however I like. Admittedly most of that time is spent writing but sometimes I will venture out of the house and do something just for me. 


That fancy coffee? Yep - I've done that. Sitting in a coffee shop, staring out of the window and watching people stroll by while enjoying a glorious hot coffee - it was brilliant. Just a little bit of time when I know I won't be interrupted by LP asking me if it's dinner time yet (at 10am!).

  • I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake. 

Lewis Black

I have carved out time for myself during the day, I write (something I was made to do), I have started doing some crafts, and I've gone back to my novel. All these things fulfil me and I am more happy when I have time to do them. 


Other ways I treat myself is by buying myself things. It could be a new piece of jewellery or a lovely pair of boots for autumn. Speaking of autumn I've had a brand new coat from Simply Be and it is Simply gorgeous!

This red Joe Browns coat, £90 from Simply Be, is my favourite coat of the moment. It doesn't have a hood but it is oh-so stylish and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The coat is quite different to any other coat I own - it has mismatched buttons. Only a couple of the buttons are the same and there's random ones in there too. This is not something I would normally like, I'm more of a uniform gal, but it works. There are decorative buttons on the sleeves and they're mismatched too, but again it just works. There's something awesome about those mismatched buttons. 

The coat doesn't feel thick, it's not a coat I would've chosen for winter if I'd been in the shop because I would've presumed it couldn't keep me warm. However, I've worn this coat on a few of the very windy days we've had recently and it works. It has kept the wind off me and I've been snuggly warm with the coat on. I even put it to the test when we went to Alton Towers recently.

With a wrap over front I also thought that wouldn't work very well but to my surprise it does. It buttons on both sides so the wind/elements can't get through. The pockets, while shallow, are big enough to hold my gloves (essential this time of year), and I love the full-skirt style. I have never been able to pull off wearing a coat with a full-skirt but for some reason this one is perfect. 

There's also a wild side to this coat - check out the inside...

A flowery lining. Awesome huh? Again this is not something I would usually like but with this coat it looks good. Pair this coat with a pair of blue jeans or jeggings and you've got yourself a winning combo! I haven't had a coat I've been so happy with in a long time and I've a feeling this one will stay with me for a while.

While we're on the subject of fashion there's also my favourite boots from Hotter Shoes. I have worn these boots on an almost daily basis since I bought them. They're a snug fit but they are the perfect walking boot for the town. They are comfortable, no heels so no way of twisting my ankle, a zip fastening so they're easy to pull on and off, and best of all they're brown so they work with any outfit! Win!


I don't often write about beauty but it is something that I am becoming increasingly aware of (as the wrinkles and dry skin are becoming more prominent). I didn't used to spend a lot of time on my nails, I would file them but that was about it. These days, since discovering Rimmel's Super Gel, I almost always have painted nails. I've got colours ranging from white to deep red and I love them all. The best thing about it is that it lasts at least 3 days and reduces the hassle I used to link with painting nails.

  • If you've got cool nails, you wake up and you're like, 'Oh, I'm happy now.' 

Maisie Williams

Painting your nails is a sure-fire way to make yourself feel better.


I go to the hairdressers religiously. Ever since finding the best hairdresser in the world (for my hair) I have never missed an appointment, I'm there every 8 weeks. Jo, my hairdresser, knows that my very thick and wavy hair is a bit crazy when left and she just cuts into it. She chops where it needs chopping and she leaves the bits that are okay. I LOVE having long hair and it's because of Jo that I can. This is the one thing I won't give up - ever. My hairdresser appointments are not only a treat for myself, they're a necessity. 

Ways you could treat yourself

So, after reading my list are there things you think you could do?

I know that having little ones in tow on a daily basis can make some of these things impossible but there is always something you can do. I remember when my boys were little in order to get a nice coffee I would have to make it myself and drink it while sitting with the boys watching their favourite movie. 

With the fancy coffees that Nescafe offer now, like my favourite - the Gingerbread Latte, it's easy to enjoy a lovely coffee at home. 

Shopping for yourself is never easy when the little ones are with you so why not opt for online shopping? Pick a few items you like, maybe even hitting the Black Friday sales that are coming up, and have them delivered. If they don't work you can always return them right?

It is so important that, even when you have little ones, you treat yourself - you deserve it after all. 

When did you last treat yourself?

I'd love to hear from you about how you treat yourself so why not connect with me over on my Facebook Page or Twitter. If you liked the vlog included in this post you might enjoy the others on my YouTube Channel too - I'd love to you take a peek. As always I'd love to hear from you.

I was sent the Simply Be coat and jeggings for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love the coat and boots. Been looking for boots and didn't think to go in there. I like coats without hoods but sometimes need a bit of extra warmth around my ears so I crocheted a snoodie! It's a super long snood that can pull up over my ears. I've got a few in my etsy shop but I can also make them to order to match coats 😊 https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/562064845/mixed-berries-snoodie-double-length

    Must get to thinking on what I could do to treat myself. I'm too mean and hard on me and I could do better at being kind to myself. #pocolo

    1. What gorgeous snoodies! You're very talented. I'll have to get one ordered. :)
      I think we're all really hard on ourselves and we need to remember that it's okay to have a treat sometimes. 😁

  2. I treated myself to a new hair colour last week and nobody noticed!!! Even so, I felt better for it. I love your coat. I watched your vlog a few days ago and it's nice to see photos of you wearing it. I need that coat in my life. It looks amazing on you x #pocolo

    1. Oh gosh Louisa how rude! I always make a point of commenting when a friend has their hair done. It's always nice to spend a little time at the hairdressers isn't it?
      Aw I'm so glad to hear you watched the blog - I always wonder if I'm wasting my time with those! I do love the coat, it's so warm and cosy. I'm using it again this weekend when we go to Alton Towers to watch the fireworks show! 🎇

  3. I love the boots and coat combo, looks so cosy X #pocolo

    1. Thanks! It really is cosy, keeps me really warm. 😁

  4. Ohh! Very fancy! I love that coat. It looks fabulous on you, the boots too! They look perfect for this type of year! #PoCoLo

    1. Thanks Kim. They're great for this time of year, the boots are so comfy and I can walk for hours in them which is perfect when you have two active boys!

  5. love the coat and the boots but totally unsuitable for me in Dubai. I love to treat myself with coffee and an occassional cake, but seeing as i do that most days i need to up the stakes #pocolo

    1. Oh boy, no you don't want a coat like that for Dubai do you! Coffee and cake sounds amazing to me - but yes, up your game! 😉

  6. Hi Morgan, it is so easy when we have a family to look after to forget about ourselves,but when we take time to treat ourself we are much happier and can pass that on. I do love those boots, they look nice a sturdy and perfect for winter. For as long as I can remember I've had my hair cut and coloured every seven weeks (my hair is not naturally pink despite what some people think!). I have been neglecting my nails, which is something I never did, I really must tidy them up. As for treating myself recently? Daily walks just me and the dogs is a something I love to do. No stress or hassle, jsut fresh air and happy thoughts.

    Thank you for hosting x

    1. Hi Debbie, it's so lovely to see you back! You're so right, we do neglect ourselves and it's such a shame because like you said, we pass on that happiness.
      Those walks sound lovely, I tend to have that time for myself when I'm exercising in a morning. Go get your nails done lovely (or do them yourself), you'll enjoy the 'me time'. xxx

  7. Loving the red coat and what you've teamed it up with. I've got a Joe Browns dress that I love though it's a bit big for me. #PoCoLo

    1. I love Joe Browns, they're just different enough to not be "samey" and sometimes they have something, like the coat, that is just perfect for me. If I had a Joe Browns dress that I loved I'd have it altered (if possible) so that I could continue wearing it! Or just eat cake... 😁😉

  8. I love the cost it's gorgeous. I do love Joe Brown's clothing. I treated myself to a car recently. That'll be it for a while now lol #pocolo

    1. Ooh fab! It's always great getting a new car. Enjoy it! xx


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