Why it's okay to want your kids to go back to school

My boys go back to school on Tuesday and I couldn't be happier. They've driven me mad with their constant bickering, physical fighting, and the need to be entertained for every second of every waking moment. It's exhausting. And it's okay. I can't wait for my kids to go back to school, and there is no way I'm going to feel guilty about that.

We love our kids, obvs! But that doesn't mean you don't want them to go back to school

LP has just taken an interest in tap-dancing (since seeing Lord of the Dance) and is so cute when he starts trying to tap around the kitchen, moving his legs as fast as they will go. His arms flail about and he has the biggest smile on his face, and I cannot help bursting out laughing every time he does it.

BP, while quiet a lot of the time, on occasion will do something lovely. Like make a drink without being asked, or offer to go to the shops for us. He is a lot less active than LP (being almost a teen will do that!) but can be just as entertaining.

My life has been enhanced by my boys in ways I never knew possible until I had children. They brighten my days and make me smile.

The kids are Job One. So, to be quite candid, if they need me, I do my utmost to make sure I'm there.

Susan Rice

Your kids' funny little laughs, the way they get excited about a cardboard box arriving at the front door. They make you smile on a daily basis and you wouldn't be without them.


That doesn't mean they don't drive you mad. From the bickering with their siblings to need to be eating something at least once per 10 minutes it is draining having them at home.

I have to referee every day. LP and BP's fights are getting more physical and someone always ends up in tears. No matter how many times I tell them to stay away from each other they still get back together and before long are fighting again. *sigh*

Activities, activities, and more activities

The kids have spent the best part of six (or more) weeks at school, being bored to death with maths and english, and they crave entertainment. They want to have exciting days, they want to be surprised and have fun. And you?

You're tired just thinking about it. You're busy enough every day, what with the motherly duties of keeping a household running, and now you have to deal with the kids being at home. Every. Day. The house won't survive the holidays without some days when you won't do any cleaning at all!

The surprise wake-up call disappears when they're back to school

The first thought in your head on the last day of term is "great! no more early mornings!"

But of course you are so wrong. When the kids have school holidays they suddenly find the ability to get up early. You were the one dragging them out of bed at 6:30am on school days and now they're up at 6am with bright eyes, waiting for the wonderful activities you've planned for them.

Driving - less of it when they're back to school

For at least a week you're not going to have to hurry the kids out of the door and into the car so you can get them to school on time. No yelling at them to find their shoes. No screaming because you can't find their school bag. And no rush-hour traffic.

Then you remember all the other driving you've got to do. Driving to the theme park, to see the family, to the local soft-play centre, and now the kids are going to be in the car with you the whole time.

Peace and quiet - it's lovely when the kids go back to school

When the kids are at school you can take advantage of that lovely moment when you get back home after the school run and the house is quiet. When you can sit down with a hot cup of tea and listen to the news without interruptions.

But during the holidays it's impossible to get even 10 minutes to yourself. You're making snacks, entertaining the kids, and trying to keep the house running without thinking about yourself for a moment. By the time the kids go to bed you are exhausted and are ready for bed yourself. 

The kids love to go back to school

The kids are excited to see their friends, which means they'll actually get out of bed when you tell them to. You won't have to listen to their bickering any more because they'll be at school for the majority of the day and out of each other's hair. That also makes after school more pleasant too because they haven't been winding each other up all day. 

No activities planned for the day, no driving to do (apart from the school run), and that lovely hot cup of coffee waiting for you on your return home after drop-off. 

The peaceful house, and being able to get the housework done in an hour all make great reasons to want your kids to go back to school

Kids flourish if we get them to school every day. 

Connie Smith

So stop feeling guilty about it and look forward to getting the peace and quiet back. 

I know I am!

What's the first thing you will do for yourself when the kids are back at school?

If your kids are still at home why not grab the Captured! colouring page so you can enjoy a hot coffee while they colour in!