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So the boys are back at school, which means things are settling down again. While we didn't do much last week I still feel like it was a hectic week, I guess sometimes that's how it goes. The good thing is the boys enjoyed their half term and we got to spend quality time together. I think it can be difficult during a half term to spend time together when you're busy. It's easy to forget to arrange play-dates or day trips and the week disappears. Before you know it the kids are back at school and you realise you did nothing. Believe me, I've done that before. But at least this time we didn't.

I don't think quantity time is as special as quality time with your family. 

Reba McEntire

The sun has been out (albeit briefly) this week so I took the opportunity while it was there and took photos of my office. My shelves are slowly getting filled, I bought the clear boxes from B&Q and they're filled with lots of craft bits and bobs. The smaller boxes have stamps and pens in them, the larger boxes have all my papers. The only downside to the highest shelf is that I need to borrow LP's small steps to be able to reach, one of the many annoyances of being short.


How do you like my pooh emoticon plush? That was a gift from the mother-in-law and it now has pride of place on my shelves, it sits there laughing at me as I try to stay organised.

The other side of my room is a little less organised but it's where all the work gets done. My iMac and printer sit on the desk, surrounded by pens, notebooks, planners and other bits. My desk is almost never tidy, I've got hand cream on one side, 2 small Disney Tsum Tusm (gifts from the boys) on the other, as well as the other things I mentioned.


Then there's that second desk, I've had it in my office for ages but it was covered in other furniture. After the clear out and decorating I decided to put the desk in a more useful place, which is why it's beneath the window. Most of my photos are taken on that desk. It is also where I have, more recently, done my card-making. It's a useful position as it gets all the light and it's big enough to store all the things I need for my current project.

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. 

Ernest Hemingway

I've moved my Disney ornaments off my desk and put them in the window because, while they're still awesome I think they look better there. 

So, that's my office, my own place in the house to keep everything blog or craft related. It's all mine, and to be honest it feels so nice to have somewhere just for me. 

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