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It's that time of the week again, Post Comment Love is here and Stephanie and I are waiting to read some fantastic posts from you. Link up your best post of the week, a post that needs some extra love, or simply your favourite and we will show it the love it deserves. If you're new here, welcome, and if you're a regular linker, thanks for coming back!

The boys are back at school this week (Yay!) which means we're back into a good routine. Although I'm not liking the darker nights very much, it's dark by 5pm these days. It won't be long before I'll be getting up when it's dark too, I hate that. I'm lucky to sit by a large window during the day because really it's the only daylight I get, apart from during the school runs of course. 

I always find it difficult to get motivated to do anything when the days are shorter, it must be to do with how much daylight I'm exposed to. I've been meaning to sort out my office, things are getting rather cramped and it's filled with junk, but finding the time and motivation is proving tricky. The same goes for the rest of the house too, there's so much junk everywhere and I keep saying we'll get it sorted but somehow it never happens. Do you find you're like this? I say I'll do something but when it comes around to actually doing it, I don't. Perhaps I'm just being lazy?

Have you noticed how the weather has suddenly changed? The last few days have been rather chilly, especially at night. The Hubby and I were in the garden the other night and it was bitter, within a couple of minutes my hands were freezing and I was shivering. It is nice to see the changes in the trees and things though, I love to see the leaves in piles on the ground and LP particularly enjoys it because there's a few large trees on the way to school. I snapped a few photos of him playing yesterday. 

Blogfest is in a couple of weeks (OMG!) and I'll be heading down to London again. Check me, I'm off to London, again. This time will be my fourth trip to London alone and my third blogging conference. I'm definitely more confident now, although I'll be terrified on the day again I'll enjoy it more because I know what to expect and where to go. Will you be there? If so be sure to say hello!

Blogger Showcase Helena from The Queen of Collage

Helena is the first blogger to answer our list of questions and actually it was thanks to her that Stephanie and I had our brainstorming session. Helena is mum to two and loves all things creative. She writes about crafting and parenting, but her favourite topic is her children.

Do check out some of Helena's posts:

Our Garden: A Photo Walk - Lots of lovely photos, there's a beautiful one of a rose that I particularly liked.

Storing Sentiments - I wish I were talented enough to do something like this!

The Mummy Tag - A great way to learn more about Helena and her family.

To learn more about Helena head over to Stephanie's blog where you'll find her answers to our questions.

Feel free to grab the badge Helena!
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