Handmade Burger Co. Nottingham Review

All of us love burgers, Burger King, Five Guys, and McDonalds are on our 'most visited' list. A good burger goes down really well and makes us all happy.

When I was asked to review the Handmade Burger Co. that has recently opened in Nottingham I did a happy dance. Until the branch in Nottingham opened our nearest branch was in Sheffield, and that's a long way to travel, even if it is for a good burger. I was very happy to learn there was a branch open in Nottingham and it was already on our list to visit.

Located on the ground floor of the intu Victoria Centre, it is easy to get to from the Trinity Car Park and fairly convenient if you're out shopping too.

As we entered the restaurant we were welcomed with a smile and the friendly atmosphere put me at ease. It's always a little worrying when visiting restaurants with the boys, I often wonder if they're happy to see children. At the Handmade Burger Co. they were welcomed and the helpful and friendly staff were happy to explain the menu to the boys.

The restaurant was busy, most of the tables were full and people were enjoying themselves which meant it was quite loud, but it wasn't too loud. I could still hear the music playing in the background and the Hubby and I laughed to ourselves when we heard a popular (albeit old) Queen song. As we sat at our table I didn't feel like we were surrounded by people and had no privacy. It was a nice spacious table with a view outside  and plenty of space around the table to allow us to talk to one another without wondering if people were eavesdropping. 

Through the large window we were sitting next to we could watch people milling around outside the intu centre. We were sitting right next to the escalator too and it was amusing watching the faces of people as they walked past.

The thing that struck me when we were deciding what to eat was the smell that seemed to fill the entire restaurant. I took a deep breath and my tummy made a large rumbling noise, it's a good job the music and chatter was loud enough to cover it otherwise I would've been quite embarrassed!

We ordered drinks and food and chatted while we waited. Our drinks arrived a little later; a diet coke for the Hubby and me and Chocolate milkshakes for the boys. 

Then LP spied food on its way towards us and shrieked! We all burst out laughing as he complained when the food was taken to another customer.

A little later the food arrived...

The Hubby ordered the Jimmy's Farm Beef Cheese & Bacon burger

He wolfed it down and said it was "good". That's the extent of the description I got out of him but by the rate he ate the burger I'm going to say it was tasty. 

BP had a Junior Beef Cheese Classic.

He loved it and described it as "extraordinary". Just like his dad he ate it fast and before I knew it he'd eaten it all.

LP had a Junior Fish Finger Classic.

When the sandwich arrived LP looked at it suspiciously. LP is 7 years old and can get quite picky with his food sometimes. He spotted the lettuce on the sandwich and tried to pull it off himself, that's when he spied the mayonnaise. Unfortunately it was at this point that LP decided he didn't like his sandwich. I tried my best to encourage him to eat it but he refused. I asked for ketchup and added that to the sandwich, he did eat some at this point but his mind was already made up. In the end he didn't eat it all.

I had a Lamb and Mint Yorkie.

This was recommended and I couldn't resist. Instead of a regular bun you're given yorkshire puddings and I have to say it looked a treat! The lamb was succulent and coupled with a sweet mint sauce it was "melt in the mouth" yummy. The burger was difficult and messy to eat but oh-so worth it.

Add to the burgers two lots of chips, one flavoured with peri-peri salt and the other was Handmade Burger Co. special Denver chips. The Denver chips are covered in 6 hour cooked pulled-pork and melted cheese, and I really wanted to eat them all but couldn't quite manage it.

Denver chips are on the left, peri-peri chips are on the right.

The burgers are filling and I could've easily stopped at this point but the desserts were just too tempting. 

As we were all quite full we decided to share two desserts between the four of us. The first was the Strawberry Cheesecake Sundae; Vanilla ice cream, strawberry coulis, and biscuit, all topped with whipped cream. The second was the Bramley Apple Pie Sundae; Vanilla ice cream, bramley apple compote, and biscuit, topped with whipped cream. 

The desserts were lovely, ice cream, biscuit and apple or strawberry, I'm not sure I could choose which one I preferred. The boys really enjoyed the strawberry one but weren't bothered about the apple one, they don't like apples so that kind of figured. 

By the time we'd finished the meal I felt like my tummy was about to burst, I'd eaten so much and enjoyed all of it. 

Having eaten late (about 2pm) I was fairly sure I'd be skipping dinner.

The cost of our meal was £58.50, but this would obviously vary depending on your choices.

Handmade Burger Co. is a great sit-down restaurant if you're after a good burger. If you're after something a bit different to Burger King or Five Guys I'd recommend one of the Yorkie's or something from the Jimmy's Farm section. 

We received a meal at Handmade Burger Co. free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own.

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