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As it's half term things have been hectic, but I guess that's nothing unusual. Half term always manages to be hectic for some reason and I often feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

We've been out walking a lot this week and it's been great for my weight loss but I've ended up being tired a lot of the time. It's a good job it's half term because at least I don't have to get the kids up super early and do school runs every day.

This half term has been pretty good (apart from the rubbish weather), we've had lots of stuff to do and the boys have enjoyed their time off school. LP is excited to see his friends again, as I'm sure BP is too.

I'm looking forward to getting back to a normal routine though, it's always nice to have peace and quiet in the house occasionally!

I hope your week has been good, how have you enjoyed half term?

Newbie Showcase Gemma from Tiddler's Art Studio

Being a mother of two tiddlers myself, G (3) and B (1.5) I know how hard it is to occupy the little people on a rainy afternoon and how it is harder still to occupy them with something that doesn’t involve Mr Tumble or the delectable Mr Bloom and actually has some meaning.

I have decided to take my tiddlers on an Art journey, introducing them to artists work and creating ‘something’ themselves in their style. We don’t have inexhaustible art supplies or a big budget so most materials will be found or recycled…. Some activities will be 10 minutes long, some a whole afternoon but all will be achievable in your kitchen (or garden if you prefer creativity to happen outside) and all will be tested before I post them so I can encounter the pit falls and you and your toddlers can produce your master pieces (hopefully) problem free!

Check out some of Gemma's posts:

You can find Gemma here:



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