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This week I've been continuing with my ParkLives challenge and enjoyed a walk on Friday. The rain held off (thankfully), and during our walk we stuck to the paths in Wollaton Park. It was warm but dull and although I had my coat I think I could've managed without it. 

It was a shorter walk last week because of the weather and we only managed 1.8 miles but at least it's something. I enjoyed chatting to the women again as we wandered around the park and it was great being outdoors. 

My weight is pretty much the same, I've put some on and I've lost some. I'm not sure if I need to be putting in more effort but right now I'm happy to maintain. As long as I'm not gaining weight constantly then I'm good. The walks are definitely helping, and even if it's only once per week at least it's something. 

The last couple of weeks I've been trying to drink more water, they say it helps you lead a healthier lifestyle. I've switched my morning coffee for a pint of iced water and I have to say I've been enjoying it. 

As part of the #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge the boys and I have been trying out Robinsons Squash'd, the super concentrated squash that comes in a bottle small enough to keep in your handbag! The Robinsons range contains no added sugar, is free from artificial colours and preservatives and is a great way to get drinking more water this summer.

We were sent a pack of 6 flavours to try; Passion Fruit & Mango, Citrus, Orange & Peach, Lemon & Lime, Apple & Blackcurrant, and Summer Fruits. 


With 64% adults admitting they didn't know how much water their children should drink each day, and 42% saying their children find the taste of water "boring", the #EnjoyMoreWater challenge is all about helping you and your family stay refreshed this summer.

At first I wasn't sure how I'd get the boys to drink more water, they're always complaining about it being horrible, but with the help of Squash'd I've been able to get them drinking more water than carbonated drinks. 

LP loves Diet Coke and will choose that over anything else, but when we're out walking or he's been at his after-school clubs coke isn't the best. I prefer him to stay hydrated with water or squash. In the last week I've seen LP drink lots more water than he would normally do because of Squash'd. He's tried all the flavours and has decided his favourites are Summer Fruits, Apple & Blackcurrant, and Lemon & Lime. He's not so keen on the Orange & Peach or Citrus but will tolerate Passion Fruit & Mango. I've been giving him a bottle full of Apple & Blackcurrant to drink while he's playing football at school and when I pick him up it's always gone. 


On Saturday we went for a walk and I stashed the Lemon & Lime in my handbag just in case. Once we'd got into Nottingham there was a stand handing out free drinks and the boys wanted to get one. I told them to get water and they both complained, until I pulled out the Squash'd from by bag. They were very pleased to see it. 


I squirted the Squash'd into their bottles of water and before I knew it they'd finished them.

BP was a little tougher to convince, he's older and usually gets his own drinks in the house which means he won't choose water. He has also tried all the flavours after I made him (!) and said his favourite was Citrus. He's not particularly bothered about the rest but I think that's just him being a tween. If I keep at it I think he'll find he likes the others too. 

While we've been trying out Squash'd I've been keeping track on a sticker chart and I think we've been doing really well. 

This week's progress so far...

The biggest achievement is a personal one though. I've managed to switch my morning coffee for water with the Passion Fruit & Mango Squash'd. It's only 10:30am and I've already had 2 pints of water, if I keep going like that I'll drink 8 in one day - I've never managed that yet!

I love my morning water now!

The best thing about drinking more water is I'm feeling more healthy. I'm happy that my boys are drinking more water too, it's much healthier than carbonated drinks. 

I'll be taking Squash'd with me whenever we go out, it's handy to have in case any of us want a drink and water is the only option. It's also cheaper than buying Coke in a restaurant!

Robinsons Squash'd is available from Tesco for £2.49*, Asda for £2*, and Morrisons for £2* (I've selected those supermarkets as they're local to me).

I've managed to get my boys drinking more water sneakily but what would your top tips be for getting your children to drink more water?

*Price correct at time of publishing.

This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons.

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