My Doodles Dragon Watch Review

In a previous post I explained how My Doodles have teamed up with Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens to produce a selection of products to raise money. 

For every sale they make 50p goes directly to Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens. 

I was sent the Dragon Watch recently to review and when LP saw it he thought it was great.

LP loved that it had a Dragon on it and that it was blue. He's just starting to learn about telling the time at school and so he thought it was great that he had a watch to practice with. 

The dragon face comes off the strap easily so if you wanted to change the face that would be fine and the watch itself comes out of the Dragon face, this is how you set the time. 

The strap for the watch isn't a standard strap, it's a 'snap-on' so it's easy for younger kids to take on and off. You may think "Great!" because it saves you putting their watch on for them but just be aware that that could mean the watch is put on and taken off 200 times per day! The whole snapping of the strap is fun don't you know!

The My Doodles Dragon Watch is strong and sturdy, I don't see it being damaged any time soon, great for more active kids. The strap is also comfortable on the skin, it doesn't feel plasticky or irritate, another bonus for the kids. 

One thing you should be aware of is that putting the watch back in the Dragon face can cause the dial at the side to catch and stop the clock. A couple of times I've had to reset the time because LP had managed to catch it and the clock lost time. Once the watch is back in the Dragon and the second hand is going the dial is protected.

Having a Dragon as the watch face is great as it encourages LP to wear it. He's not really into the 'boring' regular watches and this one is that little bit more fun. He's slowly learning how to tell the time and he's able to check himself, which is great for him. 

My Doodles have a selection of watches available but I love the ones they've designed for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens, they seem more special somehow. 

I was sent the My Doodles Dragon Watch free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.