Effort Equals Progress

At the end of last week I gained a couple of pounds after working hard all week, it's what happens, but the difference at the moment is that I didn't let it get me down. 

Right now I weigh 13st 1.8lbs.

A couple of weeks ago I weighed 13st 5.1lbs, I can only be pleased with my progress.

This week the Hubby and I have been doing lots more walking and I'm feeling better (and achy). The weight is coming off steadily and as long as I keep watching what I'm eating then I have no doubt the weight will continue coming off.

The key has always been staying positive, it helps to keep perspective when things are going spectacularly well and it helps to keep me going when things are not good. Sometimes it's tough to stay positive, especially if you gain a few pounds in a few days but clinging to the positivity really helps.

Where exercise and weight loss is concerned the Hubby and I always found that walking was the thing that contributed to our weight loss. It's something that, although it doesn't require a lot of effort, it keeps us fit(ter). The thing it does require is time, and it being half-term this week we thought it was the perfect time to fit in some extra exercise we wouldn't ordinarily do. 

The boys always enjoy going for walks, we live close to a canal so we often wander along the footpath. A few days ago we did just that and enjoyed the sunshine, then yesterday we went to Wollaton Park to do geocaching.

In the last few days we've walked lots of miles and although I'm really achy I know it's doing the job. I'm tired, my muscles ache, but I feel good.

Keeping going is the main thing and I know it's the hardest thing too. While I have my positivity I know I'll do it and I'm hoping that the progress I make will keep me going through any bouts of negativity. 

I'm feeling good right now, and that's what matters.

How's the weight loss/health with you right now?

Remember, positivity is key!