Randomise your game playing!

We love playing board games, from things like Cluedo to classics like Carcassonne. Our collection of board games is ever-growing and they're beginning to take over the lounge, but we don't mind. 
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Randomise is a game in our collection, it's different, new, and... random.

randomise, a card game, in its box

When I was asked if I'd like to review Randomise I couldn't wait to find out what it was all about. We always try to make time to play games with the boys and this would be another game in our list to choose from. 

About the game

Randomise is a card game, with a difference. 

randomise cards, a, b, c

After splitting into two teams you sort out the cards into three piles (A, B, C). On each card there is a list of words; 3 under 'easy' and 3 under 'hard'. When playing you must Describe, Act, or Draw the words.

You'll need

4 or more players aged 8+
a watch or stopwatch
a pen/pencil and paper

Playing the game

Once the cards are in their piles and you're in your teams you need to choose someone to do the scoring. The team with the scorer goes first.

When it is your turn you take a card from the top of each pile (A, B, C) and declare which list you'll be using (easy/hard). Next you must say whether you're going to Describe, Act, or Draw.

Randomise cards, with words on the back

Next the opposing team selects three numbers from 1 to 3 (eg '3, 2, 1'), match these numbers to the ones on your card; that's your new identity. Card A describes you (sad, angry, hairy), card B tells you what you are (lion, hippo cheerleader) and card C tells you what you're doing (walking on the moon, surfing, having a picnic). 

Randomise identity with these cards

The opposing team times you, you have 30, 60, or 90 seconds to describe, act, or draw your identity. Your team has to guess and can shout out as many guesses as they can until they get it or you run out of time. 

Our thoughts

On the box for Randomise it says it is for players aged 8+, LP is 7 but we decided to give it a go anyway. We quickly found out that the box is probably right, LP struggled to work out what he should do. Even BP, at 11, struggled with some of his identities.

If I was to give any tips on this game I'd say keep it for adults, or adjust the rules to help younger players.

We did end up adjusting the rules because it simply wasn't working for LP. However after a few minutes of play, and after getting into the swing of his 'acting' LP soon found himself enjoying the game when he got an identity he understood. If he didn't understand we swapped his card for him until he found one he did. 

LP favoured acting his identities, and it was entertaining watching him try to act out the things. BP favoured describing, I put this down to the tween years. The Hubby also preferred describing. I tried out all three; describing, acting, and drawing. I had the most fun when I was acting. I jumped, bounced, flicked my head, all kinds of stuff! 

I'd say that if you had a large group of adults all wanting to play a fun game this would be great. If alcohol were involved I imagine it would be a riot! 

Randomise is a fun game which I'm sure we'll play again (with adjusted rules). We'll keep it in our collection and I'm sure it will become even more fun once the boys are a little older. 

Randomise is available from Amazon for £9.99.

3 piles of Randomise cards
The only photo I was able to get when we played!

I didn't get any photos of us playing. With the timing of others' sessions and having so much fun it just wasn't possible!

I was sent Randomise free of charge to review. All opinions are my own.