How I feel about gaining weight

I've gained weight since last week...

Yes, that's right, since stating that I wanted to lose weight I've put it on instead. BUT I'm feeling strangely positive because I've made significant changes.

In the last week I've changed what I have for breakfast in a morning, I'm eating less of the sweet stuff, and I'm eating less food. 


On a regular day I would have one slice of toast for breakfast with a coffee. While this is okay I was getting bored of it and I never particularly enjoyed it. Now that fruit is in season and is quite tasty I decided to switch what I'm having for breakfast.

oats, fruit, yoghurt, breakfast

Over the past week I've had oats, nuts, and raisins with yoghurt and fresh fruit. There are most definitely more calories in that than there are in one slice of toast but I have to say that I feel a lot better after eating it. I feel 'fresher', if that makes sense, like I'm giving my body what it needs rather than stuffing it with something just to abate the hunger.

Morning Coffee

Over Autumn and Winter I drink a lot of coffee, when the days are cold and dreary a good coffee is lovely first thing in the morning. 

On brighter, warmer days though I don't need the coffee. This morning for example I had two glasses of water before taking LP to school and when I started work I added some Vimto squash to a pint of water.  So far today (it's 09:20am) I've had no coffee!

Eating less

I'm listening to my body. I'm starting to notice when I'm full and rather than finishing my food I'm stopping.  It may not sound like much but I think that's half my problem, over-eating. I continue to eat something even though I'm full because it's nice. Not healthy.

Paying attention to what my body is saying and acting on it surely will make a difference eventually.


Unless you class housework as a workout then I haven't done any exercise. We took the boys for a walk last week, oh and we visited Bolsover Castle, but not any physical activity, nothing that would get my heart rate up. 

I'm still planning on clearing out my room to make space for yoga practice too but with getting the kids ready to go back to school I've had no time. I'll get to it, eventually.

woman's silhouette, doing a yoga pose

Although I've gained weight I am feeling better, which doesn't make much sense. All I can put it down to is eating the right things and perhaps the weight loss will come later.


  1. The main thing is being happy with yourself and I think if you eat right and move more it all comes together eventually. (I'm hoping so as that's my plan!)

  2. Fab that you've got such a positive attitude over it all. Thing is weight fluctuates so one day of weighing yourself means very little and like you've quite rightly done, you've not let it affect your determination so well done!

    1. Thanks hun, I weigh myself every day so I can take note of the fluctuations. As women our weight tends to increase at 'that time' and I've been able to learn about my fluctuations. :)

  3. I love your attitude to gaining weight. As long as you're happy what does it matter?! Hopefully all the positive changes you have made will work out for you in the end x

  4. Great attitude Morgan! I exercise but them eat more that I should! I am a bit fed up but positive too. Fed up as I have put on half a stone since Christmas but positive that I am going to try and change my sweet cravings!! You breakfast looks super yummy :)

    1. Thanks Claire. I think the sweet stuff always ends up being a problem doesn't it, it's just so darned nice!! ;)

  5. SO many other things influence weight gain - it could be "that" time, or it could be your body holding on to lots of the good fuel you are giving it, rather than empty calories that leave you wanting to eat more and more to fill the void. I think your plan sounds brilliant, and more than anything, filled with positivity and the right approach. Healthy eating is definitely the way forward, and then it's just about finding the time and space to get moving more - it will come, and in the meantime your body will be really happy to have the extra water and fruit and goodness! Thanks so much for linking this up to #AllAboutYou! xxxx

    1. Thanks so much Zaz. You're right too, it is about finding the time and space to get moving. I'm currently in the process of sorting out my office so that I've got somewhere to do yoga! :)

  6. It makes sense you feel more positive in general if you are not depriving yourself or sticking to a dull routine that you aren't enjoying. Funnily enough I usually feel more positive if I've gained a lb as I won't allow myself to get down about it and remind myself if the many, many more important things I have to be grateful for!


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