Chicken Stir Fry with Black Bean Sauce

The problem with not enjoying spending lots of time in front of the cooker is that you can feel like there isn't enough variety. The trick is finding the easy, but tasty recipes to try out.
chicken stir fry with black bean sauce "a healthy meal in 15 minutes!"

Stir fry is super easy, takes about 15 minutes, and is tasty AND healthy!
chicken stir fry with black bean sauce

What you'll need:

A Wok
Olive Oil
Diced chicken
Green Beans
Baby Corn
Pack of stir fry vegetables
Pack of Black Bean Sauce

Amounts will vary depending on how many people you're cooking for.


Add a splash of oil to your wok and fry the chicken, stirring occasionally.

While your chicken is browning chop the green beans. I usually trim the ends and then cut them in half.

Add the chopped green beans to the wok.

chicken and chopped green beans in a black wok

Chop your baby corn and add to the wok.

Keep an eye on the chicken and green beans while chopping, stir often.

Chop your mushrooms and add them to the wok.

Keep stirring the vegetables and chicken.

chicken, corn, mushrooms, green beans frying in a black wok

Open your pack of stir fry vegetables and tip into the wok once the mushrooms are lightly browned.
Stir into the mix and cook until the mixture has shrunk slightly.

stir fry vegetable pack, chicken, baby corn, green beans, and mushrooms frying in a black wok

Cut open your black bean sauce pack and pour into the wok.

black bean sauce added to stir fry vegetables and chicken

Stir in, ensuring your chicken and vegetables are coated in the sauce.

Cook for 5 minutes.

Serve immediately.

chicken stir fry with black bean sauce, served on a white plate


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  1. I love Asian food. We're having pork stir fry tomorrow evening.

  2. This looks delicious Morgan. I have never tried to cook my own but I love it. Must try ;) I love baby sweetcorn, I could eat them all day,yummy!! Thanks for stopping by and linking up :)

    1. I love baby sweetcorn too Claire! You should try it, it really is a great meal and very filling. :)

  3. Stir fry is so easy to throw together! I'd love to feature your recipe on an upcoming post of mine! I'll be sharing a week of 20 min or less meals for moms who are just too busy.

    1. Hi Andolina, you're right stir fry is so easy! Thanks so much, I'd love you to feature my recipe. Do let me know when your post is live! :)


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