10 things I love about being a stay-at-home parent

When you tell people you're a stay-at-home parent do you ever get the feeling they're imagining you sitting on your bottom all day watching daytime TV?

Either that, or they think your house is immaculate and all you do is clean.

I've often felt like that and I wonder where they get the idea that stay-at-home parents are either obsessed with cleaning or are slobs.

I love being a stay-at-home mum, but I am neither a slob nor an obsessive cleaner.

My house is 'lived in' and I'm proud of that fact. I don't obsess over vacuuming the carpet every day, there are toys left out, and my kitchen looks 'used'.

There are many things I love about being a stay-at-home mum but below you'll find just 10 of them.

1. Taking my kids to school

On our trips to school LP and I chat about all kinds of things, it can range from imaginary animal fights to where we'll be going on our next holiday. It's my chance to talk with him, just me and him. We laugh, we sing along to the radio, and we make our way to school together.

young boy with school bag on his back, walking to school

2. Quiet time once the kids are at school

At 9:10am I get back home after dropping LP off at school and the day is mine. From then until 3:15pm, when I go to pick up LP, I can do what I choose. Admittedly, on most days, what I choose to do is blogging. I spend my days in my office writing, taking photos, and tweeting.

3. The kids know where I am

No matter what the time of day the boys know that I'm at home if they need me. If they're sick while at school, or if they leave something at home, I'm on hand to help. I can be at LP's school in five minutes or BP's school in 10. 

4. I manage my own timetable

I don't have to be anywhere at a particular time, unless I arrange it that way, which means that I'm almost never late. I arrange my days the way that works best for me.

5. I don't have to 'dress up' for anyone

As I don't go into an office every day I can sit in my pjs if I want (I don't!) or joggers and a t-shirt (I do). I am comfortable every single day.

Morgan Prince wearing navy jumper and dark green jeans with light grey ballet flats

6. No compromise on holidays

When my boys are off school for the holidays I am right here with them. I don't need to 'borrow' holidays from next year, I don't need to arrange with my co-workers for days off, and I don't need to arrange my holidays for the same time as the boys.

7. I have no childcare issues

Sickness, snow days, or burst pipes at school are no trouble. Always being at home means that I'm here when something happens. I don't need to worry about childcare at all.

8. Being able to arrange surprises

Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly soppy, I like to arrange surprises for my boys. I've bought movies, set up new games, all sorts of things, all while they're at school. It's lovely being able to sort out a surprise for them to come home to.

9. Going for coffee with the girls

I have one or two friends, women I've met through my kids, who I meet with occasionally. We go to a local coffee shop or the local soft play centre, for a drink and a chat. It doesn't matter what time they want to meet up, because I'm at home either way.

10. Eating lunch with the Hubby every day

The Hubby and I eat lunch together every day. We both work at home, him in the lounge, making his mobile games, and me in my office, blogging. People think we spend every hour of every day together but we really don't. What we do get to do though is eat together every day.

So there you have it, being a stay-at-home parent is awesome and I wouldn't want to change it for anything