Being a parent is...

What is the first word that comes to mind when someone says "Being a parent is..."?

For me it really depends on the type of day I'm having.

Today for example, the word that first comes to mind is 'hard'.

I'm the parent of a tween, he's stroppy, looks at me with contempt on a regular basis, constantly argues, and thinks that everything I say is wrong.

We have to fight about everything.

The depressing thing about it all is that I know this phase is going to last a while. I mean, he's not even a teen yet. I'm dreading the teenage years.

Saying that though BP can be such a lovely boy sometimes. Those times when LP isn't around, or he's woken in a particularly good mood, he'll actually talk to me using real words! We can have chats about all kinds of things and it really is nice to have a proper conversation with him. It is rare, but I cherish those times.

LP is easier to parent right now, he's 7. He'll do as he's told (most of the time) and is happy to help out with housework and other chores. He just wants to make everyone happy so he'll put himself out in order to make someone else smile. 

Don't get me wrong, LP has his moments too. He'll get toys out and spread them all over the floor and then not want to tidy them up. He'll jump on the furniture pretending to be an acrobat and kick drinks onto the floor. And he needs constant attention, from sticker books to video games he's always wanting to show me his progress.

Being a parent is such an all encompassing thing that it is hard to think of a time when I wasn't a parent.

So many words describe it...


When you think about being a parent what word comes to mind?


  1. Ahh! Tweens and teenagers are such hard work....My eldest gives me the most awful looks and argues over everything too but when she's being nice she is so lovely....
    There are so many words to describe being a parent...For today I would say it's easy! (We've had a good day) x

    1. That's great Kim, glad you had a good day.
      Tweens are definitely hard work! :)

  2. all great words. I think the first one that pops into my head is exhausting

    1. Oh yes Jeremy, exhausting is a good word!

  3. Lovely post. I think for me, the most apt word is 'emotional'. I have a teenager and two pre-teens and days are continually challenging at the moment. I am moved to tears most days! - sometimes frustration, but often pride at the wonderful people they are and are becoming, sometimes hysteria...

    1. Love that word. I admire you hun, a teen and two pre-teens - I'm not surprised you're emotional!! xx


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