Post Comment Love 15th - 17th April

Every time I write one of the Post Comment Love posts I try and think of a different way of saying welcome, unfortunately my mind goes blank and that's the only word left!

Here we are again, another week flown by and the kids are back to school on Monday!!!! (to many exclamations?)

I feel like my freedom is just a few days away. That might sound like an awful thing to say about my own kids but after the chicken pox and two weeks of holidays I'm ready for them to be back at school. I do love my kids but boy do they drive me nuts!

The house is slowly getting back to normal. I still have a massive laundry mountain and the vacuuming needs doing desperately, but the kitchen is somewhat tidy. That's always been my bug-bear, I hate an untidy kitchen. Especially when I have to do breakfast in a morning but cleaning is required first. 

So yes, things are returning to a normal routine. I'm so pleased, I feel like I've been treading water for such a long time. 

Perhaps I'm feeling better because I've started my weight loss campaign again? For months I've been stuffing my face with yummy but heavy food. I say 'heavy' because it must have been given the amount of weight I've gained!

I'm about to start looking into yoga videos on Youtube again and am hoping to stick with it this time. I want to clear out my office so that I've got enough space to practice in there.

I'm still catching up on my PoCoLo reading, there's so many brilliant posts that are linked up every week and I'd like to thank you all. It's a real treat running this linky and I love being able to read, comment, and connect with you. 

Newbie Showcase Michaela from The Mummy Diaries

Michaela is a full-time working mum to Heidi who started her blog in February 2016. She likes to share what she's learnt since becoming a mum and over on Steph's blog you can read 5 random facts about her.

Connect with Michaela on:


Each week you'll be able to link up from either of our sites and between us Stephanie and I will comment on every post linked. The rules are still the same; your post needs to have been written in the last week and we'd like you to comment on at least two other linked posts, help us spread the #PoCoLo word on Twitter and include the badge on your post.

The Newbie Showcase is continuing and you'll find it alternating between us. Over the last few months we've had the odd issue with finding replacements for our Newbie Showcase when people have dropped out. As a result Stephanie and I have decided to change the rules slightly.

Now when you get in touch we'll ask you for your information before we give you a date when you'll be featured. Once we have your information we add you to our list and tell you when you'll be featured as our Newbie.

So far this is working much better than before and Stephanie's and my stress levels are significantly lower!

Please do pop over and say hi to this week's Newbie, you remember what it was like being a new blogger right? It's always nice to get a comment or two.

If you'd like to be featured in our Newbie Showcase please do email us at

Thank you for popping by.

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  1. Goodmorning Morgan, it feels like an age since it was your Easter, I bet it feels like that for you too with the children still being off. My daughter breaks up from school for Easter next Friday, has two weeks off, goes back to school for literally two days before finishing for exams and the summer and I can't wait (not)!

    It's nice to come out to a tidy kitchen in the morning, but it's something that rarely happens in this house as it's the children's job to clear it at night and I won't get involved at night. They are both old enough and ugly enough to sort it between them.

    Hope you get to the top of your laundry mountain soon and thanks for hosting.


    1. Thanks Debbie, it does seem like a long time since Easter. Oh goodness your daughter finishes early compared to children over here! We still have a few months before the end of the school year (thank goodness!). Thank you so much for being a regular linker Debbie, both Steph and I really appreciate it. xx

  2. This is such a fun party! Thanks for hosting! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Ah thanks Marci, glad you enjoy it. x

  3. Thanks for hosting, Some really great posts in here today! xx

    1. Always! Thanks for stopping by hun. x

  4. Thanks for hosting again! Glad you've solved the Newbie show case out! Yay!

  5. THANKS sso much for hosting and the reminders of the fab linkie (as all my days blur into one!). Ooh my emails are working again if u or steph could re send email on newbie showcase thanks so much xx

    1. Oh of course Sophie, I'll get that sorted for you. Glad to have you back. x


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