Lego is not just for kids

Have you ever bought Lego for yourself?

Probably not, because Lego is just for kids right?


I am 35 years old and I love lego. 

lego-tower-bridge behind the words "lego is not just for kids"

When my eldest was born in 2004 I couldn't wait for him to be old enough to have lego, we started him off with the giant blocks (I can't remember what they're called), then we moved him onto Mega Blocks, and eventually Lego. Whenever he got some Lego for a birthday present I was always a little jealous, I wanted some!

As the years have passed though I've seen a growing trend: Lego for adults.

Lego have always had the huge sets, the ones that have more than 2,000 pieces. The Lego Taj Mahal has 5,922 pieces! 


I love those sets, the Hubby and I have a few of them now and our collection is growing.

If you've watched either my blog or my Instagram feed you'll see that I'm a huge Lego fan and love building the sets. We built the Taj Mahal before Christmas and the Hubby bought me Tower Bridge for Christmas which we've just finished building. 

The thing I love about these sets is the attention to detail, it's those fine details that keep me interested. 

Lego's new Architecture sets are particularly lovely, and they're specifically for adults. These sets aren't big like the Taj Mahal, in fact they're really quite small by comparison, but they are just as beautiful. If you haven't seen them I suggest you look, you can get sets of Venice, the Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben, to mention a few.

I think this would go very nicely with our Tower Bridge!

You cannot beat a great big set though and with the recent additions to the website (the Parisian Restaurant, the Detective's Office) my Christmas list for this year is going to be long. I already have the Tower Bridge and I love the Sydney Opera House and the Ferris Wheel! That's just two of the sets I want but there are many more.

The Hubby and I sit at the dining table and work together to build the sets, so not only do I get to play with Lego but I get to do it with the Hubby. He loves Lego just as much as I do. Building the sets together is like therapy, following instructions and connecting pieces, to see a finished product at the end. 

A finished product that we built together.

Okay so the majority of the Lego sets you can buy are targeted at children, with things like Wall-E and the Lego City products it's easy to see why they're popular with kids.


But it's okay if you want to play too. It's even okay if you want to buy Lego for yourself, in fact I'd encourage you to do so. 

Build a Lego set with your partner, work together to create something wonderful. Divide up sections so you both get to find pieces and connect them together. Take photos, sit and talk while you build, and smile as you look at the creation you made, together.

No, Lego isn't just for kids, it's for you too!

*This is not a sponsored post - I really do just love Lego!

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