Blogger Showcase - Helen from Gumdrops and the Bear

Next up for Blogger Showcase is Helen and I'm going to let her get straight to it and introduce herself.

Hello, I’m Helen of

To give you a little flavour …. I’m a mushroom-haired working mum of two young ones (gumdrops 2yrs and the bear 5yrs), apologetic vegetarian, lover of pretty things like art, fashion and interiors, Ebay addict and strawberry lace fanatic (I nailed a whole pack of Co-op strawberry laces last night). Despite my love of all things beautiful and hedonistic, I’m a believer in charity and kindness above all things.

Gumdrops and the Bear

I spend much of my time reading, writing, buying and chatting both offline and online. I’ve worked in marketing for over 13 years, with two ‘breaks’ for bringing forth both gumdrops and the bear. I’m now freelancing and trying to find that elusive balance between spending time with the fruit of my womb and getting some ‘me time’ at work.

These last 5 years since I started reproducing have chucked me the most ridiculous and wonderful challenges both in trying to maintain my sanity – my career and do a passable job of keeping my beautiful offspring alive.

Helen and her family

I started my blog in November 2015, having been inspired by reading others both for work and pleasure. I thought ‘I can do that’. I was a smidge envious and wanted to start one immediately. I had been ‘writing in my head’ for about 14 years, it was time to lay it all out and hopefully find some new adventures along the way!

I blog about the humorous (to ridiculous) side of parenting from birth to play dates, kids parties and the quest for your ideal mum-friends to weather the stormy seas of parenting and enjoy a good giggle with along the way.

Gumdrops and the Bear reading

I also used my blog to express some of my feelings on losing my lovely father and thoughts on children and bereavement, which was a daunting but cathartic:

I don’t have any ‘spare’ time and no longer indulge in my old hobbies such as pilates, art galleries or pubs.; so blogging has given me a fresh sense of purpose and a legitimate excuse to sit quietly in my corner while Lego and Frozen wars take place around me!

This is probably my favourite and one of the most popular posts I have written, it pretty much sums me and my blog up:

Look forward to 'meeting' you soon!

Thanks so much for that brilliant introduction Helen (feel free to grab the 'featured' badge below), I totally agree about blogging giving you an excuse to sit quietly!

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Please do stop by Helen's blog and say hi!

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