Losing Weight with help from Snapea

Weight is a constant battle for me, one minute I lose lots of weight and think I look great, and the next minute I've gained 20lbs and feel like completely giving up.

But I won't.

If I was to give up I'd continue to gain weight, be miserable, and have no energy to fight. Every time I think about giving up I remind myself how good I felt all those months ago.

The hunger is a pain, whenever my tummy starts making those rumbling sounds I reach for chocolate bars, biscuits, or donuts. Half the time it's probably because I'm thirsty, not hungry, but I munch on things that are bad for me anyway.

Over half term I've stayed away from the scales, I've eaten far too much food, I've eaten far too much bad food. My will has been weak and I had given up. This morning I woke up, rushed around getting the kids ready for school and by 8am I still hadn't had any breakfast. Probably not the best start to the day.

With the warmer days on their way (hopefully) I'm starting to think about salads again, I loved eating salads last year and they help me lose weight. When I do the weekly shopping I think I'll be purchasing lots of salad vegetables. It'll do me good.

Snacking is something I definitely struggle with though. I can't help myself.

When we have nothing but chocolate, sweets, or crisps in the house that's what I end up eating. I need something that is less than 100 calories, that is tasty but won't make me pile on the pounds.

Cue Yushoi Snapea rice sticks.

At first glance they don't look like they'd be that tasty, especially when you find out that they're made with 68% green peas. If you don't like peas that would probably put you off. The sticks even kind-of resemble pea pods.

Don't let it put you off.

At less than 100 calories per pack the Snapea rice sticks fall into the right category for snacks. They're nut free and are suitable for vegetarians.

I was sent some packs of Snapea rice sticks to try out, here's what I thought.

Lightly Salted

... seasoned with just a sprinkling of salt to enhance their natural sweetness.

I wasn't keen on these, I don't know if it was just in my head but I could taste peas. The rice sticks were fine to eat but I didn't like the flavour.

Sweet Chilli & Lemon

... Seasoned with a zingy but subtle lemon twist to spark the taste buds and a sweet little kick of chilli.

I actually really enjoyed these, which I was surprised by, after trying the lightly salted I was put off. I made myself try these and found that I was nibbling on them without realising. Before I knew it they were all gone.

Soy & Balsamic Vinegar

... An added splash of malt vinegar for that delicious tang of salt and vinegar.

I wasn't sure if I would like this flavour, I'm not keen on balsamic vinegar but I tried them. They're not my favourite flavour but they're definitely better than the lightly salted.

Smoked Salt & Szechuan Pepper

... Seasoned for that smoky meaty barbeque taste. With a slightly rich sweetness and a fresh dusting of black pepper.

The smokey smell hit my nostrils as soon as I opened the pack so I was optimistic. The flavour wasn't strong but I liked it. There's a little kick from the pepper too.

Biting into any of the rice sticks reminds me of maize snacks, things like onion rings or salt & vinegar flavoured sticks. I don't mind that, I used to love maize snacks as a kid! My favourite flavour was the Sweet Chilli & Lemon and I would buy these in an attempt to wean myself off crisps.

So with a new snack, and lots of water instead of carbonated drinks, I'm hoping that I can kick start the weight loss (again).

I was sent the rice sticks free of charge in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Striking Mum