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Hello and welcome back to another Post Comment Love with me and my co-host Stephanie. We have loved hosting this linky so far, long may it continue!

This week seems to have flown by and I don't really remember what's happened. On Wednesday evening we went to see The Snowman at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham, LP had me in fits of laughter when we were playing I-Spy before the show began.

BP has been more pleasant this week and he came home on Tuesday with a card he'd made for me. It was just a little thing but inside it said he was thankful that I was always there for him. After the last few weeks of arguing every morning it was a lovely thing to receive.

If you've been paying attention I've been trying out something new on the blog just lately. My little drawings aren't masterpieces but they're me and I love that I can do it. I've been using the Hubby's iPad Pro (known as the GiPad in the Prince residence!) and Apple Pencil and have found them really easy to use. So much so that I want one! 

What have you been up to this week, anything exciting? I'd love to hear about it in the comments. 

Newbie Showcase - Niki from Play Travel Life

Hi everyone, I blog at PlayTravelLife! 

Play Travel Life blog

I am Belgian and I moved to the UK to be with the father of my child. When the little one was one, I started blogging as a mumpreneur for my own online eco-friendly toy shop The Toadstool, which I started out of passion for ecology, wooden trains andball tracks (This guide to the choosing the right ball track is my most read post). The 2 years following I struggled through depression due to the loss of my mum to cancer and the relationship with my daughters father, which I couldn't blog to much about on a business page. Meanwhile I also managed purchasing and renovating property in London twice, building and learning about online business, breastfeeding and caring for my dearest little one and add to that a couple of months consulting for a start-up in Luxury fashion industry in Bratislava. Now the bloke felt I wasn't earning enough or successful and he felt he was trapped, he traded in family life to live back on student scale as 'he wasn't ready to be a parent' by the time our girl was nearly 3. 

Once a friend pointed out he was a narcissist, I realised there was nothing I could do to improve the relationship and stick to my family values, as he would always put me down, either I wasn't bringing in enough money or I was a bad mother. So I took my life back in own hands, I put our house up for sale, sold the business and moved back to Belgium. At that point the blog name changed to Play Travel Life. 

We started chatting about online marketing and I made their new website and I blog there about ecological* and fair trade interior renovations as well (*Can you see a trend?). Due to the increased success I now also started to do a little interior design for them. Soon the site will be translated to English as we are aiming to do more and more renovations abroad. Any jobs for at least a midweek of work we can come and do abroad with the current exchange rate it might be beneficial to the UK market to get qualified mainland European workers in.

So after long struggles, I am totally back on my feet, I blog less, but I still adore instagram which is a perfect resemblance of all my interests (my 4 year old daughter, toy reviews, ecology and entrepreneurship), I am in the process of more home renovations for the next 2-3 months, I just got back from a trip to Venice.

Please follow my new facebook page and my not so new twitter account

I'll follow back! 

Thanks so much for writing the introduction Niki and I look forward to reading Play Travel Life.


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