The Snowman - Theatre Royal Nottingham

I've said before that I love going to the theatre, and living in Nottingham is great because we have the Theatre Royal nearby. At the start of the year we saw Aladdin there and more recently, and because of a competition win, we went to see The Snowman.

The Snowman

Every Christmas when I was a little girl I remember watching The Snowman on TV. I have fond memories and, even now, it brings a tear to my eye at the end. The TV adaptation of The Snowman will always have a place in my heart, and I hope that will be the same for my children. 

When I won a Mumsnet competition for a family ticket to see The Snowman at the theatre I squealed! Literally! The Hubby and I were playing scrabble with BP and they both wondered what was going on. 

On Wednesday evening, as we headed to the theatre, I didn't know quite what to expect, would they talk? That would be weird. A whole show with no talking though, could I stand it - come to think of it could the boys stand it?

There were so many questions.

Flying Snowman

The questions faded away as soon as the show began and watching the first half I smiled, and laughed, because I related to the mum. She crept down the stairs, then listened for noise, after putting her son to bed - I laughed because it's something I do every day. 

The building of the snowman was done really well, the actor who played the young boy did a fantastic job of expressing emotion without words. The use of lights as the Snowman came to life was brilliant.

The Snowman and a boy, pointing into the sky and smiling

During the intermission LP and I played I-Spy and he had me in fits of laughter when he said he spied something beginning with "F, B". I couldn't for the life of me think what he could be spying so I gave up. When he told me it was "Flying Baby" I burst out laughing! He'd been looking at the decorations on the boxes in the theatre and saw the cherubs.

The second half of the show was brilliant, watching snowmen, and Santa, dancing, seeing the antics of various animals (including penguins!), and cheering when the Snowman beats Jack Frost made my night.

The snowman and the boy riding a bike

As the show ended and I watched the young boy get back into bed, knowing full well what was about to happen (and because I'm a big softie), I couldn't stop tears pooling in my eyes. Luckily to help me there was an adorable little girl (about 3 years old) sitting behind us that kept talking about the "dead" snowman. Again I was laughing.

Dancing snowmen.

I loved the show, it made me think about being a little girl and how much I loved the TV adaptation of the Snowman. When I asked LP what he thought of the show he said it was "really good", BP wasn't as enthusiastic with his "it was alright", echoed by the Hubby.

For BP (11 yrs old) and the Hubby I think it wasn't as entertaining because they're a little old for the magic but it was perfect for LP, who's 6, and me of course.

If you have a little one you'd like to introduce to the theatre this would be a great starter show.

Have you seen the theatre production of The Snowman?

I was not asked to write this review, I simply won a competition to attend. 
All photos courtesy of Theatre Royal, Nottingham.