M7P Sports In-Ear Headphones Review

When I go for a run I love to listen to music, the beat keeps me going when I think I don't quite have the energy to carry on. The only problem with this is all the earphones or headphones I've tried have various problems.

Headphones are not comfortable enough, there's no way you can run with big headphones resting on your head.

So that leaves you with in-ear headphones, and these too have their disadvantages. Up until recently I've been using my Apple earpods but they're not great when I'm running. I have to keep pushing them back into place because they slip out of my ears. Not good when you're trying to lose yourself in the music.

M7P Sports In-Ear Headphones Review | Morgan's Milieu: Red headphones, clip them to your shirt, and off you go.

With these MP7 earphones that's different because they have an "over-the-ear" design with flexible earhooks to help them stay in place. They come with eartips attached and 3 spare pairs in a little bag so you can switch them if the standard ones are too big or small.  

As it turns out the standard ones were just right for me and I attached the earphones to my iPod. I found a small clip on the wire of the earphones that can be clipped to your clothes to stop the wire from bouncing about when you're running. I thought this was a great idea because I often yank the earpods out of my ears because my arm gets caught on the wire.

M7P Sports In-Ear Headphones Review | Morgan's Milieu: MEEaudio have produced some great earphones.

I went for my run to test out these earphones and they quickly became my 'running earphones'. They fit snugly in my ears and didn't slip out even when I was sprinting. I was comfortable with them in my ears and didn't tug them out by catching the wire, it was secured to my top.

The M7P in-ear headphones come with a carrying case too so you have somewhere to keep them rather than them getting tangled in the bottom of your gym bag.

M7P Sports In-Ear Headphones Review | Morgan's Milieu: With this carry case the MEEaudio M7P in-ear headphones will stay neat and not get tangled in your gym bag.

Overall I think the headphones are good, I'm glad I have them and they'll be getting used whenever I go for a run.

These M7P sports in-ear headphones are available in three colours (black, green, and red) from Amazon for £33.05.

I was sent a pair of these headphones in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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