That Fleeting Holiday Feeling

On Saturday 29th August we returned from six glorious weeks in Orlando, Florida. Tired after an overnight flight and eager to rest in our own beds that holiday feeling disappeared.

That Fleeting Holiday Feeling | Morgan's Milieu: Walt Disney World Entrance
The welcoming entrance of Walt Disney World. 

Just 1 week ago we were enjoying the Florida sun by plummeting down water slides, diving in wave pools, and relaxing in lazy rivers. 

And yet it seems so long ago.

The Prompt over at mumturnedmom's blog this week is 'fleeting' and it got me thinking about that holiday feeling. It soon disappears doesn't it?

If your holiday is one week long and you return home after a relaxing week by the pool the memories are nice but they don't seem to last long enough. Before you know it your routine has returned, the washing mountain is higher than ever, and the kids are still driving you mad.

A two week holiday extends that feeling a little, at least while you're there. After the first week is over you can still enjoy another 7 days of blissful holiday. The sea, happy children making sandcastles, and a cocktail or two. But again you return home to normal routine and, BAM, that feeling is gone.

Three week holidays are rare and when you leave for your destination of choice the end of your holiday seems ages away. You may not think about home at all. There'll be plenty of restaurant meals, your children's excitable screams as they splash in the sea, and opportunity to enjoy time as a family. Day trips, learning something new, perhaps even trying something you've never done before. Inevitably though home calls and once you're home those wonderful days are soon just memories. 

Within a few days the holiday feeling has evaporated, dissipated, gone. The weight of daily chores, work, school, is back on your shoulders and the holiday is a distant memory.

Oh Daytona Beach how I miss you!

How long do you need to be on holiday before the holiday feeling lingers long after you return home?

I'm here to tell you it's longer than 6 weeks!

We spent six weeks going on rides, meeting characters, watching our children have the best time of their lives. The Hubby and I had nights out, drank alcohol, and even did karaoke! We forgot about home, not once did daily chores enter my head, and it was a welcome break.

When did that holiday feeling disappear?

The day we were due to leave before we'd even left the country.

This may be because our flight was delayed and waiting around in an airport with two bored and irritable children is no fun. That holiday feeling might have lasted until we got home, maybe even a day or two after that. One thing I know for sure is that it wouldn't have lasted a week.

The boys are back at school, the Hubby and I are both working, and normal routines have resumed. The holiday feels like it was years ago.

A fleeting holiday feeling can make your return home feel so much worse. Remembering your holiday and wishing you were still there brings you down.

There is a way to beat the post-holiday blues.


That holiday feeling may be gone but I'm concentrating on everything I love about being back at home. Wonderful memories fill my head, the break was fantastic, but being home brings with it a whole host of reasons to be cheerful.

Being proud of my children as I see them take on new challenges in school, watching the Hubby work hard and achieve goals, and my sense of achievement after writing a great blog post - these feelings are not fleeting.

They're the ones I'm clinging to.


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